Friday, August 24, 2012

Charlie's Got Gingham in the Friperie District of Montreal

Gingham ain't no act. It's an is.

24th August, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) Got Gingham has been out of service for almost a month while covering the Chicago International Gingham Fest. In the meantime, here is a teaser of all the catching up we have to do, so please monitor this site over the next few days as the Gingham starts pouring in.
Here, we have Charlie, looking dapper in the Friperie District of Montreal, Coin Duluth-St-Laurent. You might recognize him. In France he's quite a famous actor.

More Gingham to come, but why wait?

Nouveau Palais Winneburger's Got Gingham

Blvd St-Laurent's Got Gingham

Vans are really off the wall, if you Got Gingham

...while this baby's Off the Fence.

A bunch of guys looking for the Gingham Fest.

While for some everyday is a Gingham Fest.

Imogen's Got Gingham. Can't believe we resisted using her name for some dumb John Lennon pun, but she's too special.

Cinematographic Love is in the Gingham
Meanwhile: Liverpool FC's Nuri Sahin has something to say [see here]

"Yeah, if I can't play for Chelsea, then Liverpool will do." Who cares? He's got Gingham

This just a teaser. Check back later for more great Gingham Gets.

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Today's sub-heading "We used to be all front, now we're all back" is meant to convey some kind of upbeat reaction after having been silent for the last month.