Friday, June 29, 2012

Felix break out the Gingham at Casa De Popolo

This has gotta be the Got Gingham Get of the Summer... but still, keep coming back y'all.
29th June, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Half the year has been shot to the horizon and the heat is cooking the streets of the city. Today we bring you pics that our latest reporter Annie Hunting has gathered during the last month. Above we see Annie and Nick Trudel sporting Gingham at the Felix show in Montreal last week. Never heard of the band Felix? Now you have [see here]. Best of all... their fans Got Gingham.

More astounding gets by the incredibly intrepid Gingham Journalist, Annie Hunting:

More action at the Felix show... Like father, like friend [photo: Annie Hunting]

Exquisite Gingham from the Santropol Roulant rooftop 17th Anniversary Party [photo: Annie Hunting]

More Gingham on the roof at Santropol Roulant [photo: Annie Hunting]
Hottest couple in town at the Montréalité booth during the St-Laurent Street Sale. [photo: Annie Hunting]

Were  you on the No. 51 bus via Édouard Montpetit? Were you wearing amazing Gingham? Next time turn around and say hello to Annie. [Photo: Annie Hunting]

Sarah is roaming the Friperie District

"Out there, in the sea of love..."
 Gorgeous people come from miles around to the Friperie District just south of Duluth on Boulevard St-Laurent. Meet our latest Get, Sarah who was only too happy to pose in her vintage Forty-Five.

More Street Style Shots from Gingham Montreal

Philly-style drop shadow cutting no corners.

NYC-Style Calypso Shortsleever astounding us as much as it is him.

There is no grey area when it comes to Gingham.

Why did the Gingham cross the road is not even a question we ask anymore... just keeps crossing over. Eventually we'll all be on the Gingham side.

Here comes another disciple.

This is the shrine they must all be heading to.

Pilgrims can worship at the altar on the way...

... to more and more Gingham.

This was not at all going 'cheap in the sales.'

Girls gotta Get Gingham... leading the pack on the chase for more heaven.

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Today's caption: "Open to the public" is brought to you by the International Shorthand Association, or ISA as they way prefer to be known.

Monday, June 18, 2012

CYRIL AND OLIVIA GOT GINGHAM for la Frénésie sur la Main

Nobody is protesting the fact that Montreal is in short supply of some of the most glamourous couples... but we're still climbing the walls for more Gingham.
18th June, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) This past weekend Montreal took a break from banging pots and pans and campaigning to overthrow The Liberal Gummint by taking to the streets to relax. Whew! Boulevard St-Laurent was set up for its annual street fair where several hundred thousand people usually convene over four days of sunshine in the streets. Obvious in its absence were the usual rabble of trouble-makers, erm, we mean protesters... upset with the current state of affairs in the world.
It would seem that the protest movement in Quebec is based along Boulevard St-Laurent since the strikers all seemed to be happily going up and down the street participating in all the fun (like shopping, eating, laughing and drinking). Les Carrés Rouges were everywhere in the crowd, meaning that the Protest Movement in Quebec might subconsciously consider La Frénésie sur la Main sacred territory. 
No wonder we chose Cyril and Olivia for this week's post. Look at Cyril's fine-cut custom-sewn Blue Gingham Night Owl he ordered from his tailor off Dominion Square in downtown Montreal. There is no other shirt in the world that looks like this, feels like this and acts like this. Now take a look at our friend Olivia... she's wearing green Original Indonesian-style Striped Gingham that will have you walking under ladders. Trust us, there is no other woman in the world who looks like this, feels like  this... acts like this... etc.
Thanks Cyril and Olivia, you can both now head into the streets and go back to stopping traffic.


Responsible pet owners take care of their pooches by dressing properly for walks.

Wearing Gingham allows you to ride a bike and eat an apple at the same time.

Some people close their ears to the world with music. Others close their eyes by not wearing Gingham.

Notice: the sign warns of restrictions on alcohol consumption but absolutely no limit to the Gingham.

The Fringe Fest tent was a Gingham magnet.

Middlemen, Backroom Boys and Front End Loaders... they all look good in Gingham.

A Gingham Stampede: makes that thing in Calgary look like a tip-toe through the tulips.

Everybody in Gingham seemed to have a huge crowd of people around them.

Tens of thousands of people came from miles around to look at the Gingham.

It looks like they're queuing up to make a payphone call, but it's just an illusion. What's for real is the Gingham.

Nothing quite like strolling around in the twilight of the day, in the twilight of our youth, in the twilight of our Gingham.

You'd think all we do all day in Montreal is drink, eat, party, protest and wear Gingham. How might you get that idea? Probably by living here for a decade and observing what Montrealers actually do.

But you would be wrong. Montrealers spend much of the day in bed, either sleeping or making love. Most of the other stuff you heard about happens at night.
Even the side streets were overflowing with the Classic Red fabric of summer.

NYC-Style Gingham is breaking new barriers in Montreal.

I told my mate to go across the street and look at the camera as if he were a random person in Gingham, then this guy came along and saved us the trouble.

Hats, tats and I'd like some more of that's, outside Barfly.

The Friperie District (OK, four shops in a row at the corner of Duluth) was tipping over with our fave fabric.

Yesterday was Father's Day. Wearing Gingham will ensure that your kid will make some kind of gesture towards you like send you a Father's Day Card or not crap all over your lap at lunch.

Not ten seconds later our Father is replaced by a younger model, childless, but not Ginghamless.

Fine-hatch Gingham keeps you in the pink. Bag strap still a hot look this year.

Portugal fans watch their team in Gingham. They won the match. That's all the proof you need.

Outside Cul-de-Sac Eddie [see here] is back! Remember him? Always a pleasure no matter the weather.

This guy's making a sharp turn towards some more Gingham.

Doin' the Gingham Hustle through the Friperie District.

This guy is giving free advertising for that yoga company. It has all sorts of slogans on the bag that they want you to believe are their corporate "values" and perhaps feel like buying more yoga stuff. Didn't seem to work.  No yoga gear on this guy. He wears Gingham.

The Fringe Theatre fest is on right now. That means each act is madly postering town to encourage attendance. This guy is doing it in Gingham. All of a sudden thousands of passers-by wanna know what he's fly-posting.

More Montreal Street Style later this week, so keep checking back at this location.

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Today's caption "This is not an exercise in public relations" is actually, totally, for sure an exercise in public relations. 100% guaranteed, no question of it at all, take our word for it or your money back, I mean, who d'you think we're kiddin'?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirty Five Thousand Gingham Getters Wish us Happy Birthday!

The bidding war begins: on the house with ceilings high enough to mount this wonderful waterfall of Gingham Greatness.

7th June, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) It's our birthday! One year and 35000 hits and we're still Getting the Gingham. Obviously it would not have been possible without all you Gingham Getters. Today we celebrate with a preview shot from the Hazel Meyer show happening at La Centrale tomorrow [see here]. What better way is there to celebrate 365 days of Gingham Gettin'?

Stats don't lie. Neither does Gingham. Gingham makes you look honest. Trust us on this.


Today's Caption "First Year Anniversary Edition" is taken from a conversation overheard during a ride last week on the Number 55 Bus.

Monday, June 4, 2012


"I like a good protest myself now and then, but I don't dress up for it 24 hours a day. Ok, well, maybe I do."

4th June, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) It seems Montreal is the place to be these days to get your protest on. Memes are cropping up everywhere that make light of the fact that all sorts of crazy stuff is going down in the Mountain Island City. We've had macabre hit and runs, dismemberment of bodies, entire swathes of the city flooded and the biggest mobilization in the form of public disobedience Canada has ever seen culminating on the 22nd of May.
What's the point of being the focus of attention if you're not looking sharp and feeling gilt-edged? Quebeckers have a longstanding tradition of gathering in the common spaces and voicing our dissapproval and making our demands. This all very good and unifying in a mass euphoria kind-of-way, but again--if your beard is on fire and you are throwing bricks and bottles at cops, it's hard to persuade the neutrals towards your cause.
That's why more and more of the protesters are wearing Gingham. Let's sit back and relax in our armchairs and regard the most stylish social justice movement on legs. Gingham, it's not about the status quo. It is the status quo.


190 Years of Protest Tradition. And yes, they did wear Gingham in 1822, and er, 1837.

If you happen to be the Premier, just hold this up to any mirror and you can decipher the message.

Super-secret close-up proving Gingham crosses all social boundaries.

Protesters wore mostly red. The environmentalists sported green.

The Mile-End Crucial Crew take to the streets.

NYC-Style Gingham made it's way up the Hudson via St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Some say a quarter million people took to the streets on the 22nd of May. That's a sea of Gingham.

The Gingham tide continues down Rue de la Montagne.
The ties that bind all of us: the need for perfect self-expression.

What started as a student revolt has engaged a wider population who will not be told when and where to wear their Gingham.

Bill 78 might suppress your rights to assembly, but it's not going to suppress your hunger for Gingham.

The march started in Place des Arts and splintered into several groups. Each group had plenty of Gingham.

A Gingham Flag elegantly symbolizes the mood of the Youth of Today.

Gingham fits in with any uprising.

Hardly an unruly bunch of hooligans. This could be a fashion spread. Ok, it is a fashion spread.
"Hey Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for Gingham."

The carré rouge is everywhere.

There have been signs since the beginning. Gingham brings people together.

Gingham getter packin' the Carré Rouge.

Singin' in the Gingham "We'll never back down."

In the car park behind Place des Arts before the Manif.

Streets alive to the sound of Gingham.

He looks like he's on the way to a stoning.

Now that face masks have been banned, some people preferred to stay anon.

Gotta keep the Gingham dry.

Gingham sit-ins are on the rise.

...meanwhile... in artworld news...NOT EVERYBODY IS UP IN ARMS...

HAZEL MEYER'S Got Gingham!

Check out next issue when we bring you scenes from the Gingham-extravanza at Gallerie Powerhouse La Centrale. Got Gingham is making a public appearance on 8th June at the vernissage of Hazel Meyer's exhibit entitled Balls to the Wall [see here].

La Centrale

4296, boulevard Saint-Laurent,
Montréal (Québec) H2W 1Z3
Tél. +1 514.871.0268

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Today's caption "Walls to the Ball" is totally ripped off from Hazel Meyer's exhibit.