Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Top Ten Original Got Gingham Photos as voted by The Gingham and Polka Dot Writers Association of America

Dare-devil Graffiti Artist.

Terra from the Laurentians.

Julian Finkel from Model Citizen.

James Joseph's gettin' his Gingham On.
Jo's got the streets covered.
Matthew's got the beat that features Gingham.

Chelsea in Wicker Park Chicago during the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival.
Alan on Duluth, one of our first-ever gets back in June.
Elkin shows his colours don't run.
Louise, from France, in her Vichy at

Café Névé

28th December, 2011 (Montreal) Continuing our year-end review we now show you the Top Ten Original Gingham Gets of the Year as voted by the Gingham and Polka Dot Writers' of America. People, this is all original content that despite our lengthy and viciously lop-sided industrial dispute would have otherwise bypassed the culture altogether.

Thanks for making Got Gingham such a success this year.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


27th December, 2011 (Montreal) It's coming to the end of the year and although we still have lots of great new content, we feel it is as good a time as any to show you the TOP TEN most popular posts of last year based on google-analytics. We had no hand in placing the order, it really was you, our dear Gingham Getters who created this list. Obviously the older posts had more chance to gain favour, but there's some pretty new ones who made the cut.

1. September 26th: CHAPSTICK'S NIGEL POPS HIS CHERRY IN GINGHAM! pop montreal continues... [see here]
Pop Montreal was a huge hit with the Gingham Nation.

2. September 1st: Adamant about Gingham [see here
Under Pressure Graffiti Fest with Adam was for the longest time our most-ever read post.

3. June 27th: GIRL'S GOT a FORTY FIVE! [see here]
Everybody loves a girl in a Forty-five. Shevon brought in the crowds back in June.

 4. July 7th: Seagram's and Seven--There is No 'F' in Gingham [see here
The great Gingham Drought got everybody anxious and excited.

 5. July 7th: Neil before Jamie the King of Percalle! [see here
My favourite night of the year came in fifth.

 6. June 20th: Got Any Colombian in You? [see here]

Elkin smuggled us back some high-grade potent Columbian Gingham.


Pop Montreal was twice featured in the Top Ten Gingham posts, this time written by a complete drunk.

 8. June 19th: David Baumann's Got Gingham! [see here]

One of the hottest nights of the Summer: David Baumann, man-about-town.

  9. August 14th: Daniel Lopes Shorts out in Boston-Style Gingham [see here]

Daniel may have left Montreal for Boston, but he's left a permanent mark.

10. December 16th: Molly Reigns as Queen of the NY International Gingham Convention [see here]

NYC loves Gingham. That's why we went there. Everybody there loves Molly.

This is our lead-in to our ONE HUNDREDTH-ever POST which we will be rolling out in say, about five posts' time. Don't worry, it's the first of many hundreds.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maddie's Got Gingham In the Garden of England

What's the point in having gorgeous cheeks if you ain't got no Gingham?
Maddies' dad has brought her up well.
22nd December, 2011 (Montreal) For the past two weeks or so it's been NYC this, Philadelphia that, Brooklyn all of the above and of course Montreal center and foremost in the Gingham Nation. However, let's not forget our friends across the ocean who are holding up the standard. Right now we've got Maddie winging it in a Special Pink Gingham Mac with Faux Bunny Trim sourced directly in the UK. Look at her ball control as she sizes up her chances before taking a shot on goal. There is no question the ball went in the net with a get-up like this as Maddie parades around the Garden of England. Technically the Garden of England is in Kent, whereas this shot happened to have been taken over the county boundary in Surrey, but from where we are, oh, what's a few miles when it comes to Gingham? Seeing as Maddie's mother happens to be one of my many dear sisters, I guess that makes me her favourite uncle... Being a kid's favourite uncle is a tough job and requires standards in and of itself. One rule I stick to is to let all the others slide, as long as my niece wears Gingham.

Vichy de France:
It's not just celebrities who worry about garbage snoops.
Patrick, our correspondent in France wants us to say goodbye to a few of his special babies... Remember back in September how we brought you shots of his Gingham being sent to the thrift store? Well, here is more Gingham getting recycled which is something we encourage all you Getters to engage in. Remember, you can recycle Gingham as much as you can recycle memories. Nostalgia is a nasty sickness however, making park benches the world over staging grounds for stories about the old days in the motherland. Ignoring whatever else I learned in Doctor School, treat this, or any ailment for that matter, with some new or nearly-new Gingham.

hAvenue Mont-Royal is Window Shopping Paradise

Get this: Gingham patterns are going to make for a LONG HOT WINTER.

More Montreal Street Style

Blvd St-Laurent in Montreal celebrates the Solstice in Gingham.

CAFÉ Neve's Got Gingham again!

It's OK to have a crush on the girl who works behind the counter, her livelihood depends on her being agreeable to you, just don't crush the Gingham.

Got a crush on the girl at Cafe Neve? That's ok, so does everybody. Got Gingham? Send it to

Monday, December 19, 2011

Malcolm Brings Gingham Greetings on the Road to Philly

Cream Cheese? Check. Cheesesteak napkin? Check. Cheese-ball comedy humour? Check. Beautiful female side-kick? Check. Check? Yes please! Of course, Malcolm always pays, with Gingham.
19th December, 2011 (Montreal) Crazy Gingham Getters are just getting back from the NYC International Gingham Convention after a full week of celebration but that doesn't mean you aren't going to see a lot of them out on the road in the next few days. Take Malcolm here, humming the word "Cheese," wrapped up in his Appalachian Gingham Lumber Jack Roadster, ready to hit the Jersey Turnpike as part of the Great Montreal-Philadelphia Gingham Connection. An alliance between these two cities already exists in more ways than one: joint hatred of the Boston Bruins; French Cultural and Political Influence; creative, intelligent, breathtakingly-beautiful women and the fact Philly and the Mountain Island City both kinda feel a bit similar to each other.
So it's not a great wonder to find Malcolm here only too ready to keep the ties that bind ever strengthened. (Now that we have officially set up a deal with Rueben Harley [see here] we'll be getting a mountain of Gingham from Philadelphia.)
OK, it does happen to be the holiday period so perhaps we're capitalizing on the fact Malcolm needs to do some time behind the kitchen sink and keep the home fires burnin', as anybody who loves his mother is prepared to do if it means free room and board in Philadelphia. Think about it though, the first thing Malcolm's mother's going to see is this explosion of Gingham, as he walks in the door. What a gift. Thanks Malcolm.

More Philadelphia Gingham:

South Street Philly is a lively urban space with more murals per square mile than any other pedestrian zone in America and as many artists after NYC, Silver Lake and The Southside of Chicago. The entrance to the district is emblazoned in Gingham. If somebody hadn't beaten me to it, I'd start a restaurant of my own here and make Gingham the basic motif. This is now my Official Second Home folks [see here].

Livin' for the first of December.

Talkin' of Philly Style

 Here is notre ami Arnaud, 
modelling a Philly Style Dropshadow 
Gingham which is now all the rage.
Philadelphia's contribution to textile design,
haircuts and moustaches is known the
world over. Arnaud comes from Paris,
so therefore it must be true.

Iron-barred stronghold: In Philly, they take their Gingham seriously.

Market Street has long been the source of Gingham ever since the Dutch began to arrive several centuries ago. Traders opened the first ever U.S. Stock Exchange around the corner from where this shot was taken and finally put Philadelphia on the map: the site of the first American Gingham Getter. These strollers along Market Street would not have exactly been called hip cats back then or anything, but they certainly had a few new ideas in how to run a scene, and get things hap'nin'.


Free Love Fenner stuck their neck out last weekend to allow us to snap Peter again, wearing his staple Gingham Celebration Shirt.
You heading off home for the holidays? Don't forget to please your folks and wear your Gingham. Staying home alone? With Gingham, you're never alone. Send us your gets:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Molly Reigns as Queen of the NY International Gingham Convention at Artists & Fleas

"Knees up Molly Gingham" is part of the new sound coming out of Brooklyn...

Headin' for the Convention.
16th December, 2011 (New York Ging'am City) There are so many artists and artisans converging on NYC during the holiday period to sell their wares that it would be extraordinarily difficult to narrow them down to an easy list for you to hit. So why not just head for Artists & Fleas? This is NYC's biggest independent Arts and Crafts Market based in Brooklyn. A lot of people have no idea how to make it out to Brooklyn so this weekend and for the next two weeks they are operating at Chelsea Market with over 30 Indie Designers and artists on the block [see here]. However, last weekend during the International Gingham Convention the Brooklyn depot was chock full of Gingham Getters and Holiday Happ'ners making me forget there was an entire island called Manhattan full of Gingham across the strait. Here's Molly, who runs Artists & Fleas and is therefore a serious Queenpin in the Brooklyn Creative Mafia. You don't mess around with Molly, you just say "Nice Gingham" and be on your way. Was Molly here for the convention? Are you kidding, take a look at who you're dealing with here. She defies all convention.
Luckily for us Molly was still nonetheless too happy to send her greetings to all you Gingham Getters who made the trek to the Five Boroughs. Her only suggestion to all you tourists: next time try sourcing your Gingham at Artists & Fleas.

Also available through Artists & Fleas

Gingham's bark is always as strong as its bite.
Do you have a dog? One of those cool little whipper-snappers? Well, warm them up with this as you cruise out for that mid-winter shot of espresso. It's about time you use your dog as a means for self-expression, after all you've already called him or her that catchy name like Jericho or Nebukabnezzar, so why not  grab the lead set by Billy Wolf [see here] and deck your pootchie-kins in something proper. Gingham.

More Notes from the NY International Gingham Convention

Best Gingham Waffles Coffees and Shakes, for that matter.

Brooklyn Foodie Gingham

What's the point of great food without Gingham?

Gingham on the menu: Forcella's on Lorimer has a special oven brought from Milan. But we're here for the Gingham. [see here]

Dowtown, Midtown, and the Village: NYC was prepared for the Gingham Nation

The times they are a Gingham: Union Square is where the protests were in the '60s. Now they have Gingham Fests.

No matter what kind of jam you're in, can't have a Gingham Convention if you ain't got no honey.

More Williamsburg Gingham Street Styles

Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn: Those not in Gingham were so ashamed, they were covering their faces. We got their backs.

Don't look back in Gingham

The Streets of Brooklyn were a convergence of Gingham as they made they're way to the Convention.

Brooklyn Gingham Getters abound

All smiles as the gang leave brunch homing in on the Convention.

North American Free Trade-a-Gingham

The Gingham Nation has always had a great relationship with NYC.
The Five Boroughs are full of Quebecois Christmas Tree sellers who have had a long standing deal for the last century or so to be the sole distributors and vendors for the entire city.It's a special arrangement, much like how the Mohawk Nation built Manhattan or the Somali's run the fake Rolex trade in the Diamond District. Go up to any guy selling a tree in New York and talk to him in French and I guarantee you'll get a good deal. No hyperbowl: a three foot twig was going for sixty bucks, so you know these guys are working for like, four weeks a year, and hanging out in their Gingham for pretty much the rest of it.

And Greetings from Philly--birthplace of the Gingham Republic
Leave the dishes till later: NYC is only 99 Miles to Philly.
Our favourite All-time Gingham-Getter Barbara was also up in NYC from Philadelphia in time for the convention, ready to join in the fray. To use an old hack expression, this convention included everything but the kitchen sink. So Barbara brought along a picture of it so now you know one more reason why, if it weren't for the efforts of some of those in Philly, New York might still be that little village up the coast.

We're you at the Convention? Did you do your dishes before you left? Send your gingham gets to

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 New York International Gingham Convention Is All Ears

Getting ready to roll: Chicago-style Gingham invades the Streets of the Five Boroughs.

The hat tells only half the story. Gingham says it all.
 13th December, 2011 (New York Ging'am City, Man) Got Gingham is excited to bring you extensive coverage of the 2011 NYIGC held in Times Square this past weekend. From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Boston to Botswana and even some guy via Antarctica they came for the massive event. As usual the veritable ARMY of local resident Santa Clauses dressed up as elves and sagittarian reindeer as if on the way to brunch with their buddies caused some free confusion. Since most of these holiday hipsters were indeed on their way to brunch all dressed up with somewhere very cool in mind with their tenement/loft-mates. But who are we, as free standing ushers of the Gingham Generation if we weren't to applaud these youths who combine this only-in-NYC quirk of going gonzo for red bobble hats and Pinocchio shoes with the solid standing of good Gingham during a hearty breakfast after a night on the town? Gotta thank Adam here for giving the Gift of Gingham. If you could love us here, you'd love us anywhere!

Were you at the Convention? Did you make it to Union Square for the rendez-vous? Otherwise you'd have had to catch us out at Coney Island with the rest of the worriers. OK, so you got Gingham? Send it to

Much more to come!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When dealing with those who work with Gingham, the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing.

Real work. Real style. Real Gingham.
7th December, 2011 (Montreal) As we enter the 4th week of the 2011 Got Gingham writers' strike it is with great pleasure that we have come to an agreement with the prols and can now move forward and start including the great content our writers are known for. But for now, management is still taking the reigns and doing its best to furnish more Gingham for all you Gingham Getters. Thank goodness for our contact Noah who sent this pic in of his colleagues Will and Brian. Yes they got the memo. See they realized to succeed in life, work and play you need to have some kind of purpose. They also realized that community and connection is one of the few human inventions that sustain us during all those long hours slogging at the office. So it is no surprise that they emailed each other the day before with some kind of line like "Let's come in to the office in style tomorrow. Let's really show these people we work with how much can be done, if only a little communication were to flow." And presto! Noah has secured a prized pick that would be welcome on that other website did you get the memo?
Fortunately for us we have got first dibs on this perfect pair of Eighth Wave Gingham before the rest of the internet gets hold of it. Thanks Will and Brian, you guys are doing a great job for the Gingham Nation.

More "Did you get the Memo?" shots [please see here for more]

"Jenny B., Gillian K., and the seemingly Twitterless Susannah F" running an entire company in Gingham.

"@chrisharihar & @kenbruno, marginally matchy in B&W" but it's still Gingham.

"Ad Featuring TheREALBigKrit, who is no longer with us… at the agency, not in the world… and Chris Harihar, keeper of spare vests in the office and haver of an amazing Twitter background" according to Did the memo? But all we know is they got Gingham.

Looks like Did You Get the memo? doesn't know what gingham is: "Keenan and Anthony from San Francisco’s Swirl Integrated Market were both CC’d on the red plaid (is it gingham? what, really, distinguishes plaid from gingham?) button down memo."


Philly's Street Gazing's Rueben Harley [see here] captures the toast of the town. In Gingham.

And for our Lovers of all things French--get ready for our next installment from l'Hexagone sent to