Friday, November 1, 2013

Russell Brand to GUEST EDIT here at Got Gingham!

"The paradigm has shifted... " Mr Brand wades into another debate wearing flip-flops.

1st November, 2013 (Montreal) That's right folks. As our readership lags and more and more people head for our competition we have come up with the tried and tested idea for humping up our stats: the Guest Editor position.

We've given Russell plenty of time to get back to us on the invitation to be our editor. He will follow a long line of other celebrities who have been used to plump up the stock of dying newspapers and we intend to capitalize on his gonzo attitude in a major way.

Not only have we got a subjectively "beautiful" woman ready to make the invite... we even have some paradigms for him to talk about and have the chattersphere in a right tizz. Check out the old paradigm above--back when Mr. Rand [sic] was with avant-garde social philosopher Katy Perry. Wearing Gingham, of course.

Thanks for all the hits!

Got any Gingham? Send it to

The special caption "Where revolutions are an everyday event" is brought to us by the wheel, a recent invention from the comedian/entertainer/skilled editor Mr. Russell Brand.

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