Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The right to protest in France has been a given since the days of the Bastille. Finally we're seeing activists with something actually worth fighting for.
Vichy named itself after itself.
31st August, 2011 (Montreal)--Proof the French are leading the way in Gingham comes via Patrick, our correspondent in Le Hexagon. Anybody familiar with sausages might have heard of the brand Cochonou who feature Gingham as their raison d'être. Anybody familiar with fun French design knows of the Citroën 2CV,  and if they're at all familiar with the history of French cuisine they would have heard of sausages. If you have any idea about the history of the French Revolution or Paris in general than you would have heard of L'Arc de Triomphe and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées as recognizable icons. So in this submission from Patrick we see a combination of all this glorious Frenchness that could only be made more French by the fact the Cochonou parade's Got Gingham. Meanwhile, they still prefer to refer to it as Vichy.

As if you didn't believe that there aren't serious fans of Vichy out there, here is a stack Patrick sent to us that we've turned on its side to allow for a larger look:
This is not Photo-shopped. This is a genuine contribution from a serious Gingham Getter.

Fact: Gingham makes you live longer and food tastier.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Next year both of them better be wearing Gingham or mate stays out of the picture.

25th August, 2011 (Montreal) Continuing with the idea that Chicago is the Buenos Aires of the North it was about time we mixed it up with some Latin Cuisine. Fact is, if I were Mexican and wanted out, the first place I'd go is somewhere like Buenos Aires--big beautiful city on a large body of water filled with tons of buildings built in the nineteenth century where they speak my tongue. But what a distance once you realize, practically the exact same features lie such a short trip up the Mississippi on the shore of Lake Michigan. Of course you'd blow off South America and settle in Chicago. Make no mistake, Chicago is a Latin city. People from Pueblo come here to taste food like home. That's where we found Daniel and his mate, sampling a bit of the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival and feeling hungry for something more. Totally spot on with this Basque Pink All-Season Gingham Patio Slacker Daniel can only mention to his friend the finer points of genuine Gingham. Dressed like this, Daniel can now walk with lions and know they would only purr in response. Meanwhile look at the prices. No wonder Chicago can afford so much Gingham.

Aris from France beaming with confidence.
 More from the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival

Professor of Gingham, U of C

We met people from all parts of the globe and country. They say Chicago's the Capital of America, and that New York is the Capital of the World. And the term for Windy City originated not from any weather pattern, but in gangland where the New York mob thought the Chicago upstarts were full of hot air. Either way, NYC will never be considered, in any breath, the B.A. of the North.

Here's a hat ordered for next year's Fest:
We didn't want to wear Chicago ensigns to the Festival in order to trade on our Montreal outsider status and not look like a gooby tourist. But not anymore. Chicago deserves it's title of Gingham City whether you've ever been to Buenos Aires or not.

Not to advertise, but the only place we could find this is via STRICTLY FITTEDS

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girls on a Train to Gingham City!

We took the long way home.
"My girlfriend keeps borrowing my clothes."
24th August, 2011 (Montreal) The Blue and Red Lines run all night long in Chicago--perfect for the Gingham Festival goers with insomnia. As the smoke cleared in Wicker Park last Friday Night and the legal bars closed, Gingham Getters began heading towards the South Side to join the House Music Revival on Dearborn. One by one, on any platform you could see them cruising heading to the event. Turning all heads was Tirena. Of course she was going Southbound for the finale in this Chicago Style Button-down Crane Rider popularized by the construction hunks who built this city. Tirena is a natural. Before I'd even finished explaining what Got Gingham is and what it's all about (see academics from yesterday) she'd already waved like a pro for me to just get on with it, and we were done. See ya next year Miss T!

 More Scenes from the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival

Do Good is written everywhere in Chicago. Get Gingham is what's actually spoken.
Keys to the City of Gingham.
Music at Double Door, House at 2200 South Dearborn, Stadium Art at Gunner's on Milwaukee showing the entire city was in a Gingham and Tonic frenzy. Proof that the party was major is the slow stroll off the "L" the next day. Man needs a coffee. Meanwhile we've had correspondence from across the world sending their regards to the proceedings. Notice how Chicago was founded by a Haitian-Quebecios (DeSable) and how many French names abound. The city is practically French as far as Got Gingham's concerned and therefore deserves the term Buenos Aires of the North, 
Chicago's roots.
considering BA is called Paris of the South. Patrick, Got Gingham's Homme en France reminds us of the origins of Gingham with this crest of Vichy, which everybody knows is what the French call this website.

The first French civilian realized it takes two to tango in the Gingham City.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All that Glitters is Not Goldie, It's Gingham too. 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival Update.

Smooth Oprah-rater, Goldie's tellin' us the way it is in Gingham Junction Chicago.
Baby you can drive my car, but not my Gingham.
23rd August, 2011 (Montreal)--The Chicago Gingham Festival hit the peak on Millwallkee Avenue Friday last as more and more people got wind of the affair. People have come from the world over to participate. Have a butchers at our mate Goldie here, all the way from Epping, East London in this classic Basildon Blue Fine Hatch FRED PERRY Original All-Niter. Goldie was a wealth of Gingham folklore as he held court outside the Double Door in Wicker Park, guiding us through the subtleties of Gingham only a Hammer from the East End would know. Goldie is the perfect spokesman for Gingham, and the perfect spokesman for Chicago. "I love this city. The only drag has been having to wait eighteen years for this Festival. Finally the world is coming to grips with the Chicago School." To see the man work the crowd and hustle the Gingham Gospel made me think of Jesse Jackson, or what's her name? Or I don't know, that other guy from here who just made big in D.C. So raise an eyebrow to Goldie, who comes from the East End. No matter how great Chicago is compared to London, it'll never have an East End. That's too bad. But to more than make up for this, it's most assuredly Got Gingham now. And even better for it, Chicago's Got Goldie.

English Gingham, American calves.
Dissertations in Gingham at Northwestern.

There is among certain street types the attitude of "Hey, we just came here to hang out in our Gingham, not become rock stars." In almost all cases they were brainiacs who knew more about Gingham than any of us. Of course they're not going to show their face. These are academics that have reputations to uphold. They can't be caught using slang and making pronouncements that might be misconstrued and then ruin their chances of funding. But they all have cool shoes. Street Style fact: nobody minds having their shoes shown to the world. Once we convince them to show us their shoes they no longer mind if it catches some of their Gingham. Trust me, there is a fortune in Gingham here, these people are private collectors and so it is quite understandable they'd hold back a bit. We're going to turn these guys into a regular feature: Stompin' on the Gingham Nation.

Gingham stops traffic from up here.

Detours do not deter the Gingham faithful.
And here are some more Street Style Gets of those on their way to the event.
Some were in a rush to get into the thick of things while others preferred to contemplate the intricacies of the Chicago School.
                                          Of Gingham.....

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Monday, August 22, 2011


You can't buy class. But you can take pictures of it.
Exclusive close-up for scrutiny by the experts.
August 22nd, 2011 (Montreal) People who've never been there often hear how friendly the people are in Chicago and suppose it's all a myth. Got Gingham went to the Chicago Gingham Festival and as it turns out pretty much everybody has it wired into them that they have a reputation to live up to. Folks, we've Got (tons of) Gingham from Chiclet City it might be next year's Festival by the time we actually run all the footage. In no particular order of standing we start with Chelsea, who happened to be our last Get before leaving Wicker Park on a Friday night. Follow Chelsea in her Nebraska Blue Gingham Skirt and you are going to make it to the top. Here she is with her crew after setting ablaze the district till the bars closed. This is what experts in the textile trade would call Deep Dish Design but for us fun-loving ravers just catching the festival for a laugh, we call this skirt the only sane reason an artist would ever need to own a safe. As a thank you for her generosity, Got Gingham has commissioned a special video to her praises you can see HERE. Thanks Chelsea and crew, for Got Gingham, these colours never run.


 If you can't beat 'em, you might as well Gingham.

John Hancock loved Gingham.
Gingham dealer outside Board of Trade.
 Everywhere we turned it seemed the city was getting behind the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival. Here are some shots of people heading for the event. There was a lot of talk on the street about the end of the Eighth Wave and how perhaps we're seeing the last of the genuine article. These people hadn't made it out to some of the serious collectors' stores on Halsted where Gingham was certainly being priced higher than gold per net ounces.
The shop refused to let us in for a private appointment.We said do you know who we are? You Go Gingham they replied.
Some were wearing T-shirts under their Gingham.
Keep with us as all this week as we run more shots of the famous Gingham Festival from the Chicago School.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chicago Gingham Festival 2011

Most people in Chicago are here to see and read about Gingham, others just want to look up Marilyn's legs.
21st August, 2011 (Chicago, IL) All this week don't miss our reportage from the Chicago Gingham Festival. Of course Got Gingham went for the ride. They are totally in the loop when it comes to street style in Chicago. Northside, Southside and the Westside, we covered the lot.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daniel Lopes Shorts out in Boston-Style Gingham

People from Boston tend to look down on us in Montreal, but if they've Got Gingham we see their point.

14th August, 2011 (Montreal) Boston and Montreal have had an intense rivalry since McGill and Harvard first invented American Football together at the same time during the same game with each having taken the credit, which has since spilled over into Hockey and now Street Fashion. To show where we're at in the contest, here is our friend Daniel Lopes who speaks English with a Southie Dialect to make you run for cover in fright. Luckily for us, Daniel also speaks French and Spanish and as such, acts as the perfect liaison between rival factions. In fact, you could call Daniel a bridge over troubled waters. Now, if you're going to work as this parlaying person of influence, you gotta do it with a convincing look. What better way than with a pair of Boston-Style Gingham shorts that you can only get in off the Cape? Here is Daniel showing that not only is he a brilliant ambassador, he is also a style icon amongst the doers-and-watchers on Interstate 93 and Logan Airport. Whenever it comes to talking about the Big Dig, at Got Gingham here it can only mean reference to our friend Daniel Lopes and the way he can smooth over the cracks of any scratchy conversation with his witty put-downs and glancing asides. He does an enormous service to the Gingham Nation and we must take this time out to thank him.

Chicago Bound

"Listen, I'm the Guy in Gingham, you play what i tell you to play."
Exact same guy very next day: in Gingham.
Meanwhile, Got Gingham is on it's way to the Midwest to bring you Chicago-Style Gingham. For the next week you will make do with these random shots sent in by our Gingham Getters who were at the Under Pressure Grafitti Festival (click here) in Montreal this weekend.
The guy in Gingham is watching them kissin'.

There's no pressure to look good when you've Got Gingham.

Gingham bags for carrying Gingham.
Gingham and Graffiti have been family pastimes for generations.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Simon says: keep coming back to Got Gingham.
11th August, 2011 (Montreal) Simon here has been sporting this special Two-Tone Ultra-fine-hatch Mock Button-up Gingham Hybrid Golfer for about a year now. I noticed it in a small shop on St-Laurent myself and had meant to get one but by the time I returned none remained. Why? Because quick witted gingham-getters like Simon are creating a panic in the marketplace. I think even Warren Buffet said it's a total seller's market when it comes to Gingham, and the run should last at least another two years or so. But who can wait two years for the bulls to run? We want our Gingham now. In this ingenious design, notice how the designer has made it look like Simon is wearing a full shirt beneath a chic v-neck. In fact, it's a Mock Collar and goes down as one of the most efficient examples of minimalism in a mode that nobody realized could even go minimalist. Well done Simon. Say anything you want, we'll follow you over a cliff in your gingham.


Real style, real people, real gingham.   

Ok, well...all right. Some of our people are fake.

And in case you are going horse riding this weekend, how about this for a suggestion (from our friends on tumblr.)

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A ridiculously theft-prone design.

Finally, here's somebody who knows Got Gingham's in the bag.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got Cat!

Yes, you do in fact have to be a star to be on our show. But only if you Got Gingham.
10th August, 2011 (Montreal) We rarely dedicate an entire day to one person, but sometimes we need to prove a point. On our way to a Bérurier noir revival conversation we bumped into Cat here who's been around the world and swore to me she hasn't got any gingham. Stylish chick like this and no gingham? A major sign that the system definitely needs fixing. Got Gingham came to the rescue for the sole excuse to put Cat on our site, because if you ain't got gingham, you ain't on Got Gingham. So, as we either listen to Cat purr with her seen-this-seen-that Buenos Aires accent in Spanish or sit back and get transported to the other side of the Atlantic with tales of wins and defeats abroad, right here we can feel victory for Got Gingham. Because Got Gingham has finally, after much fierce campaigning, Got Cat!

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Ruth has three Gingham shirts, her pal has only two. That's still cool.
Here's something else to get excited about. Ruth finally shows her face. You might remember her name from a few weeks ago where she would only let us take a close up of her rare groove Levis vintage. Here we see her in some hot pink 80's Gingham. We rarely do a series of beautiful women, hoping for the Gingham to speak for itself. But nor can we exactly tell people to go home and change, either.

Gingham makes the world go round.
As for change, here's a nice purse to put all your cash you've been making, from our friends at Tucked Style (click here to see more).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Revolution Begins With Gingham

After the Revolution, comes the Revolution.

9th August, 2011 (Montreal)--This being the silly season in the media, August tends to be when all the whacky events of the year pile up. All sorts of social upheaval, financial instability and climatic outrage occurs during this period--a quick flick through an old history book confirms this. Riots and looting in London has done who-knows-what to the Gingham Wholesale Quotient on the Chicago Board of Trade while a full-on shortage of gingham seems unlikely. Yet some revolutions are peaceful, and why not think about the time of the last Pink Revolution that began with the placing of a carnation in a soldier's firearm in Portugal. Ok, it was September when that happened, but Got Gingham is always striving to be ahead of the peace pack. And so in the spirit of peace, we bring you Salim who is our first ever Pink Gingham Getter and it was a pleasure for him to share this short sleeve Maltese Style Cruiser with Epaulettes. Search our entire site and you will not find a Pink Panther like this. Salim-- like him! (gettit?) He is bringer of Peace to the Gingham Nation.

The Streets of Montreal

"I bought the Gingham so breakfast's on you."
All sorts of arguments can ensue over who keeps who in hot dinners, but everybody agrees Gingham fits the bill. Here we see stylish examples of Gingham in the area around St-Denis and Duluth. All sent in by our master contributor Anurag Dhir.

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Style-wise, without Gingham, you'll eventually hit the wall.


Come and Get It or Bring and Get It, it's still Gingham.
You don't have to hit the streets to find Gingham. We ordered food in and Farhad our delivery driver was sporting a Gingham dub-collar. He doesn't want his boss to know about his modelling career on the side so we've kept his face out of it. Just proves how much bravery it takes to stand up and be counted and join the Gingham Revolution.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gingham's Gotcha

Saturday Gingham Fever.
6th August, 2011 (Montreal)--We are roaming the streets of the city and countryside getting gingham for all you Got Gingham fans.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why People Love the French...

It takes intelligence, stature and connections to be featured twice in Got Gingham.
4th August, 2011 (Montreal)--We love Gingham. French people wear Gingham, and particularly Quebecois, so therefore it follows that we also love French people and Les Québécois. So no introduction necessary, here he is again for a repeat performance Nick Garnier St-Aubin. Remember his amazing appearance back in June during the pre-heatwave heatwave? We've come along way since then. Check out this fine-point Marseille Blue Gingham Boater he wears for his serious job in the corporate world. Here he is cooling out before going out there and getting things done. May he be an example to all of us.

Schwarz the Musical Attracts Gingham Audience

"If you want me, you can find me, left of centre off 'a the strip. In my Gingham."

Vegetarians might not be aware of the successful Musical Theatre production Schwartz--based on the story of the famous smoked-meat hangout. But those wearing Gingham were heading to it in full force last week for opening night. Within seconds of this shot being taken the most frightening thunderstorm broke out and turned this street into a torrent straight out of a Crocodile Dundee Movie, or something.

 Meanwhile, outback in Vancouver:

Look--a lightning rod in front of the famous BC HYDRO Grauer Electric substation on Burrard Street.

Hats off to our friends who used to run The Eyeline who still have tons of Gingham to getcha going.

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