Monday, June 2, 2014

New Brunswick International Gingham Fest in Fredericton

Rib-to-rib. Cooks came from all over to cater to the Gingham Getters of New Brunswick. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

2nd June, 2014 (Fredericton) We sent our new photographer to Fredericton in New Brunswick to document the International Gingham Festival underway along the St Johns River Valley. As you can see by these pics taken by Lisa Sproull, Gingham suits the countryside-lemonade flavour of the province while at the same provides the more urbane dweller a reason to feel folksy.


Sausage fest? No, wrong party dood. This is a Gingham Fest.

The rest of Canada doesn't hold a candle to the Gingham in New Brunswick. (Photo: Lisa Sroull)

You can take the Country Girl in Gingham out of New Brunswick... but... (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Cheese-Us-Murphy that's a lot of Gingham. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Retro bikers on their way to the Fest. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Cannot tell if these are city-slickers out for a hay ride or totally legit. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, Gingham fans gave a blanket response to their brethren in Fredericton.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sean Michaels Celebrates First Novel in Classic Tailored Gingham

90% of being cool is looking cool. But if you're a book, what counts is what's on the inside. Right?

16th May, 2014 (Montreal) Summer readers, music lovers and all-round culture vultures are in for a treat with the recent launch of Sean Michaels' latest novel "Us Conductors" published by Random House. Serious publicity surrounding this ground-breaking work has not only catapulted this Montreal writer to the top of the Most-Read list, it has put the author in the front running for top of the Best-Dressed list. Just take a look at this springtime green fine square Rooster Wringer Sean wore at a recent symposium--trying to lie low from sales of his book [please see here]  flying off the shelves. Not that we would judge a book by the cover, but at Got Gingham we most certainly judge authors by what they wear and as far as we are concerned this is the page-turner we've all been waiting for.

More Gingham Street Shots During Habs play-off battle with Boston:

Hockey fans are known for their riotous behaviour. Here we have calm before the storm. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Do not look down! NYC-style Gingham captured by Lisa Sproull during the 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup.

Blvd. St-Laurent relaxes between periods. Habs fans and Gingham Getters on the flan.

Vol Du Nuit has been televising all the Games. Got Gingham has been capturing the Gingham.

Chelsea FC in European Champions League Exit

It's terrible luck to lift one leg up during a corner kick: the reason why Chelsea lost.
Chelsea bounced out of the Champions League at the semi-final stage to a crafty team from Atletico Madrid. No amount of Gingham could prevent the Spanish League leaders from ruining Chelsea's dream of meeting Real Madrid in the Final.

More Streets Scenes in Montreal

Every man has his "Shopping Window." [see here] (Photo: Lisa Sproull)
Proof the 8th Wave of Gingham is still in full flux: Gingham in Ave Mont-Royal shop window.

Back stage at Seeing Voices' performance of Snow White.

Station 16 thought they were having an art expo. But it was really an excuse to bring out the Gingham.

More street art fans at Station 16 in Montreal. We were there for the fans.

Ice-skate Hockey fans relax between periods. Gingham Getters are always between periods.

Montreal break-out buzz band "Heat" on stage at T-R-H Bar in Montreal.

No backing out of this order at 3 Minots on Blvd. St-Laurent.

Know your history: Cremazie fought for our right to wear Gingham headphones.

Pamela doing the Gingham hustle at Passovah Fest.
New Brunswick Pro-Choice activists staged a national protest against clinic budget cuts late in April. The national press were there for this show of solidarity in Montreal. So was Got Gingham.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Montreal Band "Heat" Kick Summer Off with GINGHAM Fan Club

If you can't stand the "Heat" get out of the Gingham. (photo: Lisa Sproull)

9th May, 2014 (Montreal) Just a quick warning that Summer approaches and we have Gingham coming out of our ears.

Watch this space for more to follow as we update this post over the next few weeks as photographer Lisa Sproull releases Gingham pics from her recent PHOTOGRAPHER IN RESIDENCE stint here at Got Gingham.

In the meantime here is a fan of the Montreal band "Heat" who took out the ceiling at TRH Bar on Blvd. St-Laurent last night.  She was not the only Gingham Getter in the house, but we thought to start with somebody who's got a firm grip on the proceeding.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gregory Mansfield has more Gingham Wiggle Room

23rd February, 2014 (Montreal) Meet Gregory Mansfield. Standing outside the Wiggle Room [see here] on a Saturday night ready to perform in some burlesque show of sorts. Claiming that he purchased this Classic Indigo Blue Ripper from Village des Valeurs several years ago... we are certainly not asking Gregory to take it off. Nor the moustache... Nor the Argyle vest... Nor the tikitiboo Bow-tie...
Ah. the old days. Burlesque and Gingham have always made great play dates.

East 2 East Style has Got Gingham

"You had me at "...  "
Here is Julia from East 2 East Style. If you are into fashion then this site might be for you [see here]. And if you're a mad Gingham Getter then it's a pretty decent source for Gingham.


Justin plays the Gingham Card

News just in: Gingham Gets and glory.

Meet Justin. He's a musician. All musicians own some Gingham. If they don't they are not really musicians. See what we're talking about at the Single Malt's website [here].

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Got Gingham Re-vamp underway

Fabric. Meaning fabricated. Nothing on here is fabricated. It's all true!
31st January, 2014 (Montreal) Got Gingham is undergoing changes.

We will still be promoting Gingham as the definitive article so no change there. We just want to give you some added value to take advantage of the high number of you visiting us.

In the coming weeks look for daily updates from our Montreal desk.

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Friday, January 3, 2014


The cup is ALWAYS more than half full and logically sweet when you've Got Gingham.

3rd January, 2014 (Montreal) London is often where things end up. It is also where lots of things start. Take a look at our Got Gingham fan Steve Tredgett showing the most stylish way to drink coffee in the morning. He's a massively important mover-and-shaker in the City of London. We're honoured he would submit this rare groove London-Twill Special. Who knows how his day will end up? No reason to ponder--look how it starts. Tredge's Got Gingham!


Justin from Sweet Mother Logic ponders his next ouvre.

 Contemporary intellectualists Sweet Mother Logic ended it's run on 5th December with a show to bring down the roof at Sala Rosa in Montreal. Thankfully we were able to capture the best part of the night for you. Fans are left in dispair, but that's rock-n-roll.

More Streets shots of Montreal Gingham

Cafe Neve again brings the Gingham Getters together.

Montreal a Gingham hotbed? If you made it you better lie in it. But if it ain't Got Gingham-- just take the couch.

Sherbrooke Street In Montreal in sunnier times...

Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal during the early autumn of 2013.

This is our mate Joe. We use him as a stooge to get random shots of people who are too scared of us.

This guy is sulking simply because he ain't Got Gingham like cool cat looking uptown. Why bring yourself downtown when there is a cheap way to lift your mood?

NYC-style Gingham has been making more and more people hungry for corned beef.

Look closely. Guy in glasses is sporting Gingham outside our offices. We shut the entire street down for him.

Meet Bill. He was at the International Gingham Fest last summer.

More NYC-style Calypso Gingham keeping summer rolling into autumn.

Harmel--the chef of Santropol Roulant giving it large in a Parisien Vichy Special at McGill University.

Gingham shorts AND Gingham shoes. Now that's something you don't wanna lose.

Sometimes you just fall for somebody... but this couple were MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

"Are you like... in a rock band?"

Way more Gingham shots from 2013 to come! 

WE ARE ABOUT TO HIT 50,000 visitors. That's a small city of people who love Gingham.

Today's caption "All roads lead to the Capital" is something we saw on a cereal box.

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