Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ethan Rilly Has Got Gingham @expozine, Rilly Now.

Ethan Rilly's creations capture our imagination... "Oh wait, hey man, you got Gingham! Here's ten bucks."
29th November, 2011 (Montreal) Meet Ethan Rilly. Like a lot of Cartoon Wizards, he prefers his work to do the show and tell rather than his face. But trust us, he's got a great face, he just didn't want us to see it. Luckily for us, he's also got Gingham. At Expozine in Montreal last week to satisfy the high demand for his latest edition of Pope Hats [see here] Ethan obviously knows how to increase his sales. Some estimates put last weekend's attendance at nearly 10,000 nutters looking for art books making this Montreal edition second after New York, London and Berlin (which is cooler than saying it's the fourth biggest in the world). Those who could squeeze through and get some elbow room were able to check out the Fine-Hatch Gingham Captain Take-off Shirt Ethan hides behind. This is the sort of material careers are made of. It helps to have an award-worthy book on the shelf, but what's the point if you ain't got Gingham? Thanks Ethan, nice to meet you, would love to stop and chat but we've got some serious reading of Pope Hats to catch up on.

Other Zinesters in Gingham

Amidst all the hoopla, what stands out the most? You gottit: The guy who's Got Gingham.

Stadium Art Movement's Got Gingham!

Stadium Art Movement does double-trade as Gingham Getter.

AND GOING CHEAP IN THE SALES! Finally a reason to celebrate Christmas:

There is no way we would reveal the location of this incredible find, until we got a pair for ourselves.
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Friday, November 25, 2011


25th November, 2011 (Montreal) Got Gingham's management team are asking you to cross the picket line at Expozine and defy the writers' strike by wearing your Gingham. EXPOZINE 2011, 26-27 November, 5035 St-Dominique in Montreal [see here].

The Montreal Mirror profiles Judy Greer in the recently released film The Descendants. But it's Matthew Lillard who we're watching. Check the story out HERE: http://www.montrealmirror.com/wp/2011/11/24/aloha-tragedy/
Tragedy? Gingham can work in any drama.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tjia's book launch was of the choose your own adventure variety yet in the end his fans really have no choice, it's gotta be Gingham.

23rd November, 2011 (Montreal) Sherwin Tjia held his long awaited launch for his latest picture book You Are A Cat at Drawn & Quarterly [see here] in the Mile-End of Montreal earlier this month. Due to our current writers' strike here at Got Gingham we have had to get management out on the streets to cobble together a bit of content until this ugly dispute gets settled. Where better to go than to the Story-telling Summit of D @ Q on a Thursday night? Check out the scene, here is Sherwin waxing forth about his amazing smash hit published by Conundrum Press [see here], the crowd is being dazzled yet what do we have? Gingham Junction! Sherwin not only knows how to draw, tell stories and attract the most beautiful women in the city to a single spot on the floor... the man brings home the Gingham. Check out this Purple Passion hoodie with the double-mix Black and White Gingham lining. Every cloud in the sky should get one.Thanks Mr. Tjia, you've got classy, sophisticated followers and we are right behind them in the bandwagon.
Walk this way, if you're heading to Gingham Junction.

Tjia's fans come from all walks of life. Some even have trucks. Most have Gingham

Calm before the storm: last of the autumn Gingham shots to celebrate You Are a Cat.

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Check out Shirwin's stuff at EXPOZINE, [see here] Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27, 2011, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 5035 St-Dominique (Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, Laurier Métro)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

James Baldwin In Gingham Defying Writers' Strike Boycott

"I'm not a scab, this is a public service."
16th November, 2011 (Montreal) We have to thank our contributing Gingham Getter Alex from the Queen City. While our writers dispute enters it's second week of infighting and work disruptions (our writers are even threatening to stop wearing Gingham!) she's been out on the front lines identifying some Gingham content for our desperate Gingham Getters. Check out this vid of James Baldwin that Alex has recommended. Perfect style and what a way with words. Makes us want to settle this writers' dispute right away.

"...The arbitrary nature of time and the limits it sets to your endeavour, are contained in two words: THE END."

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Monday, November 14, 2011


"I can't wait more than a week for Got Gingham."

14th November, 2011 (Montreal) Got Gingham will be back soon with more Gingham Gets. In the meantime here are some moving images done by people who might have no idea what to do with a pen and paper if it were to strike them in the ear.  We especially love the Gingham Wedding, finally giving this writer a real reason to go out and get married!

Got any Gingham? Getting married? Use it.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Our keyboard is on fire so we have to leave the office now, please read on...

7th November, 2011 (Montreal) Autumn is out and in full glory now that Day Light Savings Time has kicked in and the sun goes down before dinner time. Away go the shorts and the winky-dink t-shirts and time to bring on the real deal. The coming of winter in Montreal or anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line means keeping your edge while all about you fall in the muck. That's where our model Marie-Lyne comes in. You don't get to where she is today by carrying around some mamby-pamby sit-on-the-fence attitude. Seeing Marie-Lyne you know she lives and breathes the words freedom and control which is the magic combination seekers the world over have troubled themselves with down the ages. Not Marie-Lyne. She proves it in this dazzling NYC-Style Gingham Autumn Whiplasher she must have stolen from Off the Hook, that famous boutique on Ste-Catherine Street [see here]. We use the word stolen here because no matter what she paid to our friend Angelo and the gang, it wasn't enough. Thanks Marie-Lyne, you are well and truly OTH.

This time four years ago: Rockabilly Baby

Fred Perry is keeping the Gingham zipped shut [see here].

Montreal Fashionights Got Gingham All Over!

Fashionights have great street shots with lots of Hot Dogs and Gingham Poutine [see here].

If Hot Dogs Ain't Your Thing Tumblrs Got Hot Red Gingham With Hot Red Lips

 "Loose Gingham, sinks ships, so come aboard for a pleasure trip."--Brian Johnson, AC/DC, 1982.  

More of "This Time Four Years Ago" this time from Pregnant Goldfish

Sorry Waldo, but Gingham beats stripes every time [see here].

Waiting on the a bench for more Gingham in Montreal

Don't worry, Gingham is like the bus service, there'll be a whole bunch coming along in a minute.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Got Gingham to Rob Like Thief in the Night

Like just about everybody else in Williamsburg, Rob left Miami to broaden his Gingham collection.
4th November, 2011 (Montreal) New York City is the last place you'd think anybody would be celebrating Guy Fawkes, and so it was with us and that's why we went there. Meet Rob. He doesn't care about Guy Fawkes or remembering anything about the Fifth of November or some kinda plot to overthrow the King of Scotland or some such bumpf. All Rob wants is to forget. That's right, forget the pain, forgive all our past disses, and allow for renewal so that history doesn't repeat. That's why he moved from Miami to NYC. One thing about patterns, we see them play out again and again just with different players each time. Edsel Ford's dad once claimed history to be bunk, and yet here we see Rob in a Fairweather All-Intents-and-Purposes Off-Green Gingham Longsleever rolled up just enough to show you he's got game even when he's relaxing. While the rest of the world is carrying around grudges and gripes and moaning about their wardrobe, Rob here is just taking things as they come, in a pattern that has never repeated itself in the annals of history, or played itself out again in the streets or on the runways because it never actually, went away: Gingham. Freeze yourself in time and all of a sudden motion and distance seem meaningless.

Tokyo Street Scene from Omiru Style For All

Can you believe this is six years ago? Always ahead of the game in Tokyo [see here].

 Girls' Got Gingham!
From the defunct blog pocketseedlibrary, somebody's gotta grab hold of Erin and Lily to thank them.

Montreal Street Scenes

Lily and Erin have counterparts in Montreal...

The Kids Know Everything that's Going On

If he's not careful, he's gonna peak in High School.
This kid is going to wake up in ten years time and see somebody in Gingham and have a flashback and realize this day was one of his best days ever, cruising the streets without a care in the world in his Gingham, not realizing it's the Gingham that's coating the occasion, not realizing being outdoors with friends, smelling food in the air and the future possibilities for love and affection and the knowledge there's no school till Monday are all part of the quintessential Gingham Experience.

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"You usually just let your friends steal my pic for the sake of Gingham?"
How about this one fiendishly sent by Jason Botkin with famous artist Tyson Bodnarchuk at the Museum of Fine Arts last evening celebrating En Masse [see here]?