Monday, June 2, 2014

New Brunswick International Gingham Fest in Fredericton

Rib-to-rib. Cooks came from all over to cater to the Gingham Getters of New Brunswick. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

2nd June, 2014 (Fredericton) We sent our new photographer to Fredericton in New Brunswick to document the International Gingham Festival underway along the St Johns River Valley. As you can see by these pics taken by Lisa Sproull, Gingham suits the countryside-lemonade flavour of the province while at the same provides the more urbane dweller a reason to feel folksy.


Sausage fest? No, wrong party dood. This is a Gingham Fest.

The rest of Canada doesn't hold a candle to the Gingham in New Brunswick. (Photo: Lisa Sroull)

You can take the Country Girl in Gingham out of New Brunswick... but... (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Cheese-Us-Murphy that's a lot of Gingham. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Retro bikers on their way to the Fest. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Cannot tell if these are city-slickers out for a hay ride or totally legit. (Photo: Lisa Sproull)

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, Gingham fans gave a blanket response to their brethren in Fredericton.

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