Saturday, July 23, 2016

Boulevard St Laurent is Splitting up The Gingham

23rd July, 2016 (Montreal) Major news in the overheard-passers-by garbled jibberish section of Got Gingham is the upcoming International Gingham Festival here in Montreal.

As part of our outreach we are keeping this station alive in preparation for the sting operation we are planning whereby we capture as many people wearing gingham as could fill a year of published updates.

Gingham is still very much on the market and the secondary market is particularly  active.  Check out this rock-a-bille-bye-baby we spotted in Kitsch 'n' Swell last month.

All that's missing is the wonderful personality. 

I used to help run the shop next door to this establishment. I would nod "hello" to the owner every day for 3 years. Then one day at the St Laurent Merchants Christmas Party I stood next to her as it was announced her shop had won First Prize for best shop window decoration. I turned to her and congratulated her. I held up my hand to high five it or sompfin and told her 'I'm Jonathan. I'm your neighbour. I love your shop.' She looked at my hand with all the interest of somebody looking at a second hand door knob... said "Yes. I know." And walked away... hey... that's how cool I am about it, too...damb. She stole my move! I HATE high fives.

Also... Mural Fest came through town and dropped a bomb. Had some people ripping out the Internet.

Unfortunately the original photo has been lost so the best we can do is provide screencaps of this vitriolic rant found on FB left by the author before it was taken down. There is much anger there.

But we also agree... Gingham is hard to "get."

You are here which means you Got Gingham.

Don't forget!

International Gingham Festival is coming to Montreal so GINGHAM UP.

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