Monday, July 18, 2011


Éric porte Vichy: Une Fontaine de Gingham.
18th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Nous voudrions vous présenter avec fierté notre ami Éric. C'est difficile de trouver une occasion pour obtenir de lui de s'asseoir - il est toujours en mouvement. Enfin, après des semaines d'efforts, nous avons été capables de le coin et demander une entrevue au sujet de Vichy.  «Ne pas vous dire "Gingham?" demande Éric.
Peu de gens réalisent que les Français (et les Québécois) ont leur propre mot de Gingham ("Mot de/mode:" c'est toujours un jeu de mots ici chez Obtenez-Vichy!) Dans ce cas, Eric est tombé en amour avec cette chemise il ya plusieurs années et illumine nos jours à cause de cela. Barbecue Rouge, avec un design classique de cow-boy, c'est le moyen idéal pour commencer la semaine. Eric refuse de dire d'où elle vient. "Ce n'est plus disponible de toute façon." C'est environ trois ans, confiait-il.
Translation: Here is our amazing boss Eric taking a break for all the pain we give him. It's people like him that taught me Gingham isn't the same word in French and perhaps if I'm going to be getting people in Montreal to talk to us here at Got Gingham, we'd better know what we're actually talking about. Even if we don't know what we're talking about we certainly can tell what we're looking at. Here is Eric's Tour-de-Force: Barbecue Sauce Red Gingham Wrangler's Opera with slit pocket, cuff-straps and the Vicarage Collar. In the old days guys used to wear this to blow up trains. It's no longer available in any market. Somehow, I guess we'll just have to «dealez avec."

Jo's a Pavement Artist on-the-road with many stories to tell. Fortunately for our time restraints, she tells them in pictures. As great as her work is, I still had to ask her where she got her hat. "NYC, man. I asked my friend to get me a souvenir for the last night of CBGB's. She forgot so made it up to me with this." Check out the shade it's giving Jo as she brightens our day, and rakes in millions and millions of smiles.
Get on your knees and pray to the Gingham Gods it doesn't rain.

Cobbled streets and Gingham. Kind of like visiting Vichy, if you squint your eyes.
"Great job today, everybody. Go home early, it's Monday."
Nothing like a relaxing walk through the streets of Vieux Port in Montreal, if the Running of the Bulls is too tame for you. 

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And because we want to continue the Red Theme for Monday, here is Elkin--our full-time Model and Style Adviser at Got Gingham saying he approves of all of today's Gingham Gets. Gottit? Good. 

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