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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Special cuffs allow for dancing to Les Cowboys Fringants in Paris, par example.
Misteur Valaire, before they left the Argyle Regiment.
28th July, 2011 (Montreal)--We bring you Chris in a Mediterranean Blue Gingham Barcelona-Style Vichy by Zara, which means no way was it available any longer three weeks after he purchased it. That's the deal with these Eighth Wave Gingham makers, they've actually turned this current wave of Gingham into little mini-waves. Chris often wears this shirt to go crowd-surfing amid the major pool of talent that's rippling the Quebec music scene these days, saying "Make sure you tell 'em I mean French Music." For all the notoriety brought on by the Oscar-thingy given to Arcade Fire, major acceptance abroad has come ashore for several Quebecois acts of late: Coeur de Pirates, Misteur Valaire..., and pretty much any musical accompaniment to Cirque du Soleil. So next time you're in Dallas or Austin and you hear Malajube coming out of a Honky-Tonk, thank people like Chris in their Gingham, who helped get it all off the ground in the first place. Just for good measure we include an exclusive shot of Misteur Valaire from 2007 while they still had day jobs and hadn't got into Gingham yet.

Scientific fact:Gingham Getters tend to want to stay alive longer.
Rock 'n' Roll is cool and everything, and doing it in Gingham is a great recommendation, but you don't wanna be joining the 27 Club. Stay out of trouble Gingham Getters, and you might one day be a Granny or Grandpa in style.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Anybody making fun of Gingham better cut it out. We got a thousand fans now.
Have your cake and Gingham too.
27th of July, 2011 (Montreal)--Today marks the point we've reached a thousand readers. It's time to celebrate and bring in a real star. We spared no expense and even got the guy to give away a bunch of free Gingham. A main beneficiary is our friend Alfred here wearing a Manhattan Three-Tone Time Square Blue short-sleeve Roll-up. Alfred is full of glee at receiving such a cool gift from Canada's teen heart throb. Some people wonder if Mr. Bieber can cut it in the big wide world of the music industry. Is he in for the long haul? Of course he can make it, our friend Alfred was able to chuck him in the back of his pick up and drive halfway across the province without him flapping around in the wind. Not at all into drugs, here the duo by-pass the prescription counter and head straight for the make-up booth. Thanks Alfred! You are looking sporty taking care of a our Cultural Heritage.

Meanwhile here are some shots sent by our contributor Elaine Prudhomme to

 Mile-End, Avenue Bernard:
The guy on the right is leaning into get a closer look at all the Gingham on sale.
Avenue Duluth, le Plateau:

Everybody can rely on the Guy in the Gingham for directions.
Thanks for making Got Gingham a success on all four or five continents.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"We need more Gingham in midfield. We need Gingham in attack. In fact we need a Gingham goalkeeper."
"We could use a Gingham ref, too."

26th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Everybody in the world loves Nick De Santis, the main honcho for the Montreal Impact soccer team. Today he was in all the city's papers going on about how the team is looking for a decent coach in time for next year's entrance into the mighty MLS. As any media-savvy spokesman knows, if you want to convey a message to the masses you've got to do it by preying on their subtle sub-conscious needs and wants. Right here we see Mnsr. De Santis in a Violet Gingham Walkover as he meets the press. Frankly, I didn't really read the rest of the artcle, but I'm sure the gist of it was "Look, we need a new coach. We're looking really carefully. The sooner we find out who it's going to be, the sooner we can custom order his Gingham." Meanwhile, my spies on the terraces amongst The Ultras report an enormous uptick in Gingham worn by fans of the beautiful game. Just for total name-dropping value, we've included a picture of when we actually interviewed the man in 2005.

Ruth's Got Gingham!

Levis Strauss have been making Gingham since the 5th Wave.
You can still tell she's beautiful.
Ruth, one of our behind-the-scenes contributors has been showing off a 40 year old Levis Vintage Antique Masterpiece in Basque Blue Gingham for the last year or so. There just seems to be no amount of cash, property or promises to convince her to model for our cameras, so the best we could get is some close ups. Check out the label, proof it's from like, the Sixties at least. We have her uncle to thank for preserving it all these years. We were amazed he even gave it away to her. "No way, he only lets me borrow it!" Gingham Socialism! United we are strong.

Super Natural Gingham Columbia.
And here's another random street scene from our friends at The Eyeline in Vancouver.
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Monday, July 25, 2011


"Look, I kinda gotta Gig, um, in a few minutes, can we do this quick?"
25th July, 2011 (Montreal)--This page often profiles up-and-coming artists in order to make claims like you saw it here first. But that doesn't mean we're just going to ignore those that are already established and cool. Take Peter here, from the band Free Love Fenner caught five minutes before leaving for their July 9th gig over in Sherbrooke (real journalists can tell you more about the band HERE).
Note the ease in which this fine-hatch Blue Gingham Afternoon Shirt hangs out with the best of them. This shirt is comfortable in it's surroundings due to the fact Peter custom-ordered it from Phillips Square in Montreal. According to his other band mates, Peter has been into Gingham since before anybody had even heard of Gingham. I mean, if you're ordering your own shirts you're a pretty serious collector. And if you're going to have an original sound using traditional instruments--you might as well have an original look that incorporates some traditional pattern. In this case Peter's Got Gingham. It's a long wonderful road, so see you all out there on it.

Gingham on the Streets of Vancouver:

Yes she looks great, but penguin guy's a total Gingham blocker.

The Eyeline is a street style site with lots of gingham so check them out!

Meanwhile here is quick contribution from my gorgeous niece in England, showing us how much Gingham they have around the house, before even hearing about Got Gingham:

"Your drawers will overflow with Gingham."
Strawberry Gingham Forever.
Dreamtime in Gingham Heaven.

Gingham is Love.
Those who gettit, send it to

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Got Gingham, Est'd in Warwick, Bermuda.
23rd July, 2011 (Montreal)--Proof I was around Gingham long before the Eighth Wave started or famous fast-food restaurants began using it in their advertisements. This picture is circa Tamarind Vale in Bermuda when I was about, say fourteen. I'm standing with two of my sisters each wearing Gingham nighties, sewn by my mother. As you can see I am already destined to be an observer of things.

Meanwhile, here's some action on Ave. Henri-Julien caught yesterday by contributor Chantale Paradis:

Henri-Julien was one of our more foremost painters, so much that some people dress up for walking along the street with his name.

If you got gingham send it to

From the Vieux Port to the Mile End, we got gingham:

Our Model Irwin offset against Cool Daddy heading west on Ave. Laurier.
Vieux Port Montreal, all shorts of things to see.

Friday, July 22, 2011


If you got the beat you need the feet that beats in time, if you've  got the gingham you got the best beat you can find.
22nd July, 2011 (Montreal)--Beats and Gingham go together like Rock and Roll. In fact, one day in the future any sort of dance music is sure to be referred to as "Beats And Gingham'' in the same way you hear two-word combinations like "Dungeons" and "Dragons,'' "Meat" and "Potatoes," "Womack" and "Womack" or even "Butter" and "Scotched." Why? Take a look at the future, right where you are now at Got Gingham, we got him before anybody: Matthew the Beatmaster in a GINGHAM SUIT! We were already so low on samples of shorts that I was going to have to buy some and give to my neighbour to wear just so I could get the bare minimum assortment for all you Gingham fans. Then I run into Matthew here, who wasn't even playing any music yet was still making people dance! That's what this Butterscotch ensemble Matt put together did to the crowd coming off the Metro today. I boogied my way through the surge to get a closer look. Folks, not everybody can do a Double-Gingham turntable manœuvre and get away with it, without lots of reverb and tone-equalization. Right here Matthew has totally stolen the show with a solid state dry mix first-take Mega Hit with total apologies to all the other models here at Got Gingham. Just means we will now all have to try harder. At least until Matthew puts the music on, at which point, I hate to say it guys, we might as well crown him our spiritual leader. Got Gingham is proud to say you heard him here first.

 Dan is warming up for his Gingham Debut!

Rebels: some people refuse to go all the way.

Proof that Got Gingham is working: our receptionist is now getting queries like "Why haven't I been included yet? I've got Gingham!" Take our Executive Vice President of Marketing and Humour: Dan. Loyally coming into the office every day, happy that everybody else is getting their fair share of the Gingham passion, but nobody noticing that somewhere in there, he's Got Gingham. Our receptionist explained that to really get Gingham, the entire pattern has to be two cross-hatches over a background, no pinstripes allowed. So here is a bit of Gingham Dan wants to show us. In a little while we're going to do a special profile on him so you'll have to make do with this for now.

It's the weekend so it's time to hit the streets. Have fun in your gingham while admiring some random shots sent in by our Gingham Getters.

"How did you get my number? Look, I can't talk now. I'm out in my Gingham."

It's a race across St-Laurent. Our money's on the Guy who's Got Gingham.

Those who got it get it, and then send it to

Boxing gave the World of Gingham the expression: TKO. Do you remember that boxing match a few weeks ago with Wladimir Klitschko? Here is a snap of him on youtoob wearing what else? Exactly. Of course he should have been awarded the victory.

In a Gingham TKO our Wild West Hero rules the world.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Make no mistake: Frantz is not a country in Europe, he's an œuvre.
21st July, 2011 (Montreal) Meet Frantz who lives life as if it is a work of art in progress. How can you tell it is a work of art? Just take a look at this smashing Blue and White Gingham Frontier Special Frantz is displaying for all to see. You can't get this shirt in Canada. In fact you can't get this shirt anywhere else in the world now--because the friend who gave this to Frantz is not giving anymore away. That's ok, because after a lot of arm-twisting, cajoling and then straight out begging, Frantz agreed to let us take a picture of this passport to happiness he's wearing. Now thanks to Got Gingham, all you have to do is throw on some reggae in the background, cut your face in half with a smile and imagine you are jamming on a sunny day--and you've got a vision of the progress Frantz is making in the masterpiece of art we call life. Thanks Frantz, you've made the world a brighter place.

Meanwhile check out this Gingham from our friends in Philadelphia at Reuben Harley's Street Gazing site:
With Gingham, there's no rest for the wicked.
Don't you hate it when you're trying to take a pic of an old sandwich bag and a beautiful girl in a Gingham Skirt walks in on the shot?
Perfect look, except missing a Gingham Tattoo.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Song for Gingham!

 Modasuite's Torch Song for Gingham
20th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Finally we bring you Gingham from our new pals over at Modasuite, a Montreal-based company that does made-to-measure garments for what has got to be the bargain of the century. What's more, check out their website they've aptly called THE STREETS. That's where I found our man Song here, wearing this Blue and White day shirt under the jacket. Excellent choice. But it's not the only Gingham shirt Song could have scored from Modasuite, they have quite a few varieties. Luckily, Modasuite have given us full permission to post as many of their models as we want. But you want to know the real deal, so we've ordered Got Gingham a couple of shirts for ourselves and research purposes which we will be reviewing here on these pages once they arrive. So consider this the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Meanwhile, while you wait for our nightlife series...

Shouldering all the blame for the Gingham Invasion.
No skirting the fact she's Got Gingham
Here are some random Gingham Gets submitted over the past few days: send to

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chelsea Will Always Be Top of the League!

Chelsea fans all over the world are getting into Gingham.
19th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Here is our most sought-after model at Got Gingham. Problem is, she's under contract to a rival agency so it is an absolute coup d'etat to have been able to convince Chelsea to show us some Gingham she keeps on hand just to prove she's ready for anything that comes. Named after one of the world's most stylish football teams, it makes sense that Chelsea has also Got Gingham. Unfortunately we can't show her last name or we'll be in trouble with some big-time lawyer for breach of contract. Obviously the Gingham Underground will protect her from any harm, but let's not forget what a dare it was for Chelsea to stick her neck out like this for our cause. Chelsea rules in this Black and Blue Seattle-style do-it-all that has us all just hoping, any second now, she'll turn around and tell us the score.

Gingham on Duluth

Avenue Duluth in Montreal is slowly turning into a de facto small-scale off-license vintage market. In most cities, local merchants on a street like this would have had the cops clear all the hawkers away, but somehow, at least in the eight years I've lived on this street, the deals on second-hand ashtrays, wine corks and used colouring books continue to be got. I can't tell you how much Gingham I've picked up on this stretch of the Plateau off clueless college grads selling up and heading back to Angloland. That's not how it is with our Sarah (the stunning brunette, off camera.) She has great gear. But most of all take a look at her garden-variety carry-on bag made of pure vinyl, available for no more than a dollar all over Europe. Cheap, perhaps. But obviously for our purposes, it makes Sarah's stall a full-scale pit-stop on the road to Damascus. Check out the gorgeous Moroccan Blue Gingham printed on that sack! Worth every penny.

Gingham Graffiti artists on Avenue Duluth, sacking the neighbourhood.

To finish off our Tuesday, here is a sophisticated woman waiting to watch Cirque du Soleil, sent to us by our contributor Senn Dreller to

"Gee, they're juggling chainsaws and standing on one leg upon a motorcycle while going along a tightrope." That's what they're looking at. Us, we're only in it for the Gingham.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Éric porte Vichy: Une Fontaine de Gingham.
18th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Nous voudrions vous présenter avec fierté notre ami Éric. C'est difficile de trouver une occasion pour obtenir de lui de s'asseoir - il est toujours en mouvement. Enfin, après des semaines d'efforts, nous avons été capables de le coin et demander une entrevue au sujet de Vichy.  «Ne pas vous dire "Gingham?" demande Éric.
Peu de gens réalisent que les Français (et les Québécois) ont leur propre mot de Gingham ("Mot de/mode:" c'est toujours un jeu de mots ici chez Obtenez-Vichy!) Dans ce cas, Eric est tombé en amour avec cette chemise il ya plusieurs années et illumine nos jours à cause de cela. Barbecue Rouge, avec un design classique de cow-boy, c'est le moyen idéal pour commencer la semaine. Eric refuse de dire d'où elle vient. "Ce n'est plus disponible de toute façon." C'est environ trois ans, confiait-il.
Translation: Here is our amazing boss Eric taking a break for all the pain we give him. It's people like him that taught me Gingham isn't the same word in French and perhaps if I'm going to be getting people in Montreal to talk to us here at Got Gingham, we'd better know what we're actually talking about. Even if we don't know what we're talking about we certainly can tell what we're looking at. Here is Eric's Tour-de-Force: Barbecue Sauce Red Gingham Wrangler's Opera with slit pocket, cuff-straps and the Vicarage Collar. In the old days guys used to wear this to blow up trains. It's no longer available in any market. Somehow, I guess we'll just have to «dealez avec."

Jo's a Pavement Artist on-the-road with many stories to tell. Fortunately for our time restraints, she tells them in pictures. As great as her work is, I still had to ask her where she got her hat. "NYC, man. I asked my friend to get me a souvenir for the last night of CBGB's. She forgot so made it up to me with this." Check out the shade it's giving Jo as she brightens our day, and rakes in millions and millions of smiles.
Get on your knees and pray to the Gingham Gods it doesn't rain.

Cobbled streets and Gingham. Kind of like visiting Vichy, if you squint your eyes.
"Great job today, everybody. Go home early, it's Monday."
Nothing like a relaxing walk through the streets of Vieux Port in Montreal, if the Running of the Bulls is too tame for you. 

 If you get it, then send it to

And because we want to continue the Red Theme for Monday, here is Elkin--our full-time Model and Style Adviser at Got Gingham saying he approves of all of today's Gingham Gets. Gottit? Good. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Got Gingham's Gone

Montreal has dedicated lanes marked on every street specifically for Gingham Getters.
This week we've got lot's of great gets for you amid the nightlife of the city.  Send your shots to

Friday, July 15, 2011

Josh Scores Got Gingham Victory

Never tired of working for City Hall pro bono...Josh's Got Gingham.

15th July, 2011 (Montreal)--It's surprising no trendy parent has named their kid Viateur yet, considering how cool the people on this street look. Ok, some are bagel tourists, coffee a'fashionados and friperie flop-outs, but this time we got the real thing in Josh, sporting a Bermuda Blue Gingham Weekender he says with a whisper, he picked out at H&M. Custom fit, off-the-rack, or stolen from your granpa's attic--as long as you Got Gingham, you can name your kid Viateur, which just off the top of my head is a more medieval sound for Victor. Thanks Josh, every time you take a stroll, you're doing your part for the tourist trade here in Montreal.

Here is More Mile End Magic
Nothing more wonderful than shopping with your girlfriend. As long as you got Gingham.
"Darling, we've been shopping for seven and a half hours now. Where to next?"

Send your Gingham Gets to like this courtesy of Gingham Getter Keven Franks:

Gingham makes life a walk in the park.

Friday night's major party ideas are probably past the post, but here's one for the rest of the weekend. At lower right we have Emily in a flavourful Gingham Barn Stormer. The original photo can be found HERE.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aussie Rules Gingham is Now All Over The World

"Been around the World And I--I--I... I just love my Gingham"
14th July, 2011 (Montreal)--While the rest of the world is going crazy over France's birthday Got Gingham had the pleasure of bumping into our surfie mate Nick from Down Under. Now everybody knows Australia is Two Hundred and Thirty Years behind when it comes to Paris Fashion... Well, ok. At least as far as shedding their Royalty goes.
Here we show proof that in fact, wherever you are in the world right now: in Australia it's tomorrow. Check out this Aussie-Style stitch Nick says he got here in Montreal at Mexx during stints between volunteering in Latin America and surfing the world's clothing hubs. Notice how thin the bands on this shirt are--almost breaking the sanctions of Gingham and turning the whole thing into graph paper. But if you take into consideration how the over-lapping junctions in the grid conform to classic Javan weaves, you've gotta put your doubts on the barbie and throw a toast to this Bateman's Bay Green bolt from the future. No wonder they call it New South Wales. Nick can lead the way.

Bullet-proof Gingham.

Here we see New York Calipso Style Gingham straight from The Outback. Even a dingo couldn't carry away this baby.

Gingham has been tested to give cyclists extra strength and visibility.
THE CYCLE of gingham CONTINUES... proof the NYC Style is up and running: candid shot from our hotline zoom