Friday, July 27, 2012

Every Day is Get Outa the Doghouse Free Day

Every dog deserves their day in the Gingham sun.

27th July, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) We're in the dog days of summer and nobody in the office wants to write. They all want to bunk off to the shore or hit the outside drinking locales. International Get out of the Doghouse Free Day was actually last week (an invention of the Chicago media during a season of slow news) so you might well have missed it. The great thing about this particular day of celebration is that it is kind of like all other public holidays--if you didn't take it at the time, you can carry it forward in lieu. So if you didn't use your Get out of the Doghouse Free card yet, you can save it for the exact moment you might need it. It's a one-time-only thing, this saving it in-lieu. Next year, you have to do your dodgy doggie business on the actual day in question: 20th July, so plan your shenanigans accordingly.

Gingham is a Rock-n-Roll Standard.
Our photog. was given 2 chances per set to take a shot and this the best we got. But least it's Got Gingham.

Hats off to another great performance.
The Rock Camp for Girls concept is spreading from city to city. Just about any major metropolitan area has one. While we wait for pics from Portland and Vancouver, last weekend we were on hand in Montreal for the RCFG [please check this out] at the Ukrainian Federation in the Mile-End. 

The idea is to give girls the chance to rock out and reach up. Six groups of girls aged seven to seventeen spend a week handcrafting a song and at the end of it we get this extravaganza of spirit and talent that is sure to reverberate for many evenings to come.  Raw, courageous and ready to roll.
Sure the crowd certainly comprised the already-converted... but we went as total neutrals. What we witnessed is nothing short of a phenomenon. RCFG creates an energy that is so infectious, so uplifting to the observer, it was impossible to resist joining the rest of the crowd's standing ovation after each group performed their song.
This is no hyperbole. You cannot, ever deny the roar of the crowd.

After the show the Gingham shows.

Stand-up Comic John Selig Caught in Rachel Foodie District Just for a Laugh
Comedy is all about routine. To prove this, Special Guest John Selig being the stand-up guy that he is, makes it look like riding a bike.

 More Epicerie Segals Action:

Returning to the scene of last week's Grand Theft Gingham, this time we join the Club Supreme.

Hungarian Grocer tired of puns using the name of their country to describe people with empty stomachs
(c/o Charcuterie Hongroise)

When waiting to order at the counter, be patient and don't be a Magyarlomaniac.


Pussy Riot are on trial for “The flagrant violation of public order expressed by a clear disrespect for society” [see here]. What? Come on, they Got Gingham. Surely they'll Get OFF.

That's it for this week.

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Today's caption "Now Seven Years Older in Dog Years" is taken from a dream Dan Savage shared with his seat companion, overheard during a trans-oceanic flight some time in the late eighties.

Attention Gingham Getters: We will be away for the next two weeks for the Chicago International Gingham Festival. Please keep checking in for more updates.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

SkRILLEX and Grimes Got Gingham.

So you drink and you dance and you Got Gingham Canada!
21st July, Twenty Twelve (Montreal) The phenom electro artist from LA Skrillex breezed through town last week as part of a massive festival devoted to dancing like maniacs. Got Gingham was there courtesy of DJ Villify and Greenlight Media, hoping to hang out with hometown darling Grimes and apologize for that time we stepped on her toe outside the Greyhound Bus Stop in Kamloops, but also watching out for anybody who's Got Gingham. Here is Simon after his first dose of Koan Sound. We couldn't take a picture of this guy once Skrillex began... Simon was, let's just say, all over the place. In case you like the blurry look, here's our best shot, during the Grimes set-up.


If you've Got Gingham  you don't have to rely on your partner as a form of weather protection.

Some fans go by van, others go with no more than a backpack. The more discerning go with Gingham.

All sorts of deals are to be had with Gingham. Here's a broker ready to serve you.

Aussie-style Gingham is appearing more and more on the Streets of Montreal.

Life is never an obstacle course when you've Got Gingham and about to fall under a bus.

People are queuing up to join this guy's crew. NYC-style Gingham leads the way...

Gingham Getters tend to be more intellectual, taking any opportunity to catch up on world events and bargains at the Dollar Store.

Gingham Junction in the Foodie District, corner of Rachel and St-Laurent.

$10 Midi Express and this guy's taking a pass... Can't say we blame the man. They should be paying him, he's the one who's Got Gingham.

Easy Street. Well, every corner is Easy Street when you've Got Gingham.

Doublin' up on the Gingham. This guy has obviously been following Got Gingham.

Stevie V. from the band Sweet Mother Logic, waiting for their gig with Malajube... in Gingham.

More Skrillex fans in their shady Gingham Sunday Specials.

This is some serious Philly-style Drop-shadow Two-Tone Cortina action, at Skrillex.

Another Skrillex fan allows us to take something home with us.

The Skrillex logo next to the Gingham backpack elevates it to World Class Superstar Status.

In case you don't know what Grimes fans look like, what more do you need to know? They Got Gingham.

Épicerie Segal's Got Gingham! 

Careful, just coz she smiling at you, prolly only means she likes your Gingham.
We asked this guy's Significant Other if it would be OK to steal this shot of his Cowabunga-style Bermuda Gingham shorts. She totally OK'd us and now the secret is out--everybody knows the most beautiful people are to be found at this bustling grocers directly opposite from the headquarters of Got Gingham and The Stadium Art Movement on Blvd St-Laurent. Erm, we mean--the most economical prices are to be found at this bustling grocers directly opposite from the headquarters of Got Gingham and The Stadium Art Movement on Blvd. St-Laurent.

Come back next week when we feature Montreal's Band Camp for Girls.


 Anne Hathaway in Gingham brought to us by that refined arbiter of truth and analysis, The Daily Mail UK:

Taken 15th of July this year, Anne proving Gingham still hath's what it takes to get away with it.

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Today's caption: "Don't go home without it" is brought to us by the International Sisterhood of Good Taste in All Things, or their umbrella group, or OK OK,  actually one of their splinter factions.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Annie Hits the Jackpot at NYC Gingham Bonanza

"It was like Grand Central Station in there..." is an expression that is as old as Gingham. Here we combine the two.

12th July, Twenty-Twelve (New York F'ing City, NY) This past week NYC has been getting ready for the 2012 International Gingham Convention. We sent our rugged reporter Annie Hunting down to the Big Granny Smith on the Hudson to keep track of the uprising. Sit back and enjoy NYC without all the hassle of actually going there.

Foodies have been flocking to the Smorgasbord in Brooklyn once word got around...
However, once the Media catches wind of a foodie hotspot, the Gingham starts to fly...

And next thing you know, the world is beating a path to your door.
More Gingham in the hottest chicken joint in Brooklyn.

Never too chicken to cross the road in Brooklyn-style [large check] Gingham

The Flea Market in Gingham, um we mean Brooklyn.

rooftopfilms have a fest each year. Ok, all right, pretty much every week. It just means you need more Gingham [see here].

The Rock, the paper, the Gingham... Gingham is the one garment you can wear without giving a toss at how much of a tourist you look (check the guy in stripes--total amateur; whereas our rockin' fella has thrown in that soul air of Rockefeller's sole heir to the throne).

Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting a Keith Haring Exhibit, or something. Yay! Look, another Haring T-Shirt. We were only interested in the Gingham.
Bryant Park is over-run with art sellers around Christmastime. During the summer, the Gingham-Getters take back the space.
Montreal represents: Gingham from the Mountain Island City holding it's own with the best of 'em in Bryant Park.
[All photos courtesy of Annie Hunting]


"Ok, ok, that's enough, we ain't the public infoymation soyvice."
We said you wouldn't have to bother going all the way to NYC to get that Manhattan feeling. Here we have Matt and Andy up from NYC showing us their terrific taste in Gingham on Blvd. St-Laurent. Poor Annie having to go all that way, when right under our nose, right here in Montreal, we got the best New York has to offer.

Meanwhile... Montreal International Jazz Fest Gets the Gingham

Music Fests are exhausting. Sometimes you just need to sit aside and let the Gingham do the watching.

Chromeo was the hometown hero... his fans came out largely to speak very loudly to one another. The ones who were there for the music, they wore Gingham.

Another Chromeo fan gives us the go-ahead to publicize his image for the Gingham Nation.

Our favourite Get-of-the-night. Malika let us snatch this pic of her purse outside Metropolis where The Goods were playing. Excuse me? The Goods? It's Malika who's Got The Goods with this incredible payment plan she's got in hand for all her pricey purchases.

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Today's caption "Live... from New York!" is a total rip-off from that big show they do 'live' down there in NYC.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Naděje's Got Gingham at Café Névé

Image has been purposely blurred in order to protect the copyright of the designer, or at least to encourage Naděje to send us in another pic!

6th July, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Café Névé is basically Gingham Central. Peruse back through our archive and you will see time and again, how this small Café brings in the Gets. Take our friend Naděje here. Actually, don't take her, we want to keep her. Particularly once we saw this incredible yellow Vichy Summer Love Special Naděje uses to shine up every room. Actually, this dress has been known to stop rain showers and thunderstorms on a wet July weekend. For this we are eternally grateful, and forever in Naděje's debt as we can safely plan our outdoor picnics knowing she is out there, helping us, protecting us, the Goddess Bringer of Sunshine.


Yeah, he thinks he was hired because of his culinary artistry, but wearing Gingham surely tipped the scales in his favour.

Gingham gives you patience, even as people wearing stripes and solids jump you in the queue.

No point asking her out. We ALL have a crush on the girl behind the counter. Wait a minute, he's Got Gingham, so perhaps there's a chance.


Foodies flock to this store in the Mile-End. It has high standards of quality. We can tell by looking at their customers.

Trying to look cool while out in your Gingham? No trying necessary: putting others in the shade is a walk in the park.

Not that we advocate possessiveness in a romantic relationship... but definitely, she's a keeper.

Some people you can spot a mile away. Here our friend Jennings poses for us on Rue Rachel.

Not many people realize it but Houndstooth is no more than a large-pixel Gingham pattern.

Wearing Gingham means you need less deodorant. This guy is still checking, just to be polite.

Youth Culture has taken to Gingham like... all that other stuff Youth Culture is attracted to.

Olivia and Tom outside Blizzarts... Tom wearing a custom-made Gingham Chavalier nobody in the world has seen.

There is nothing more sensible than wearing decent open-toe shoes in the sunshine, with Gingham.

Who cares what model car you drive when you're running around in Eighth-Wave Gingham?

Who needs a Summer Breeze when you got this thing howling between the trees?

You can't always get what you want, but you can Get Gingham. You should try some time...


Cul de Sac, the legendary Montreal friperie, we chose you to end this post.

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Today's caption "This is not a joke" is actually very much an attempt at humour.