Friday, December 27, 2013

INSIDE LLWELYN DAVIS marks Coen Brothers secret tribute to GINGHAM.

Justin Timberlake turns up in Cannes to promote the flick wearing Gingham and we're not supposed to notice?

27th December, 2013 (Montreal) The brothers Coen slid a treat under the tree on Christmas Day this year. "Inside Llewyln Davis" is a movie about the agony of being amazing but not quite making it. But let's not give the entire movie away. However--here is the best line in the entire film which had us at Got Gingham standing up in the cinema and cheering like we'd won the World Cup or something--

"Are you wearing Gingham panties?"

(The other great line is when Isaac's character says "There's two kinds of people in the world; The kind that divide the world into two kinds and...[trails off]")

We've been pretty quiet this season due to all sorts of NSA kurfuffles. It doesn't mean we haven't been busy documenting what's happening in the street. Don't miss the year end review with tons of legit gingham pics in our next post.

Today's caption: "Never in a twist" is actually an attempt at cover-up. Our knickers are always in a twist.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joel's Got Gingham at Expozine

Joel rhymes with "go well." All things go well when you Got Gingham!

20th November, 2013 (Montreal) Expozine is one of North America's premiere small publishing events. It is also a massive convergence of Gingham. Here we see Petra with her fella Joel sporting the classic Fine Cut Twill. In this case it's so fine you'll have to magnify the image in order to see the fine text. Trust us... it's worth taking a closer look.

Another Gingham Shot To Prove We Haven't Fired Our Photographer
Chelsea FC fans in fine style at Stamford Bridge for the visit of Manchester City.

Paris-style NYC Gingham at Expozine.

Kareoke at 3 Minots on Blvd St-Laurent

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Paul Desbaillets is all fingers in Movember Gingham

Fish fingers are not on the menu at Brit & Chips.

15th November, 2013 (Montreal) PKG clothing are joining the Movember effort. Please see [here] for more details. This wouldn't be any big deal, normally but take a look at their hot model/restauranteur Paul Desbaillets giving it large. Usually taking charge of esteemed fish-n-chip purveyor Brit & Chips [please see here] now we see him out in the back alley looking for fish. Well, I guess he didn't like that joke, going by the pic. More importantly... Check out the Gingham!

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Today's caption "Finger-looking Good" is a throw-back to the old days when health-issues were something to think about while eating.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Russell Brand to GUEST EDIT here at Got Gingham!

"The paradigm has shifted... " Mr Brand wades into another debate wearing flip-flops.

1st November, 2013 (Montreal) That's right folks. As our readership lags and more and more people head for our competition we have come up with the tried and tested idea for humping up our stats: the Guest Editor position.

We've given Russell plenty of time to get back to us on the invitation to be our editor. He will follow a long line of other celebrities who have been used to plump up the stock of dying newspapers and we intend to capitalize on his gonzo attitude in a major way.

Not only have we got a subjectively "beautiful" woman ready to make the invite... we even have some paradigms for him to talk about and have the chattersphere in a right tizz. Check out the old paradigm above--back when Mr. Rand [sic] was with avant-garde social philosopher Katy Perry. Wearing Gingham, of course.

Thanks for all the hits!

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The special caption "Where revolutions are an everyday event" is brought to us by the wheel, a recent invention from the comedian/entertainer/skilled editor Mr. Russell Brand.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gingham and Football have always been good sports!

11th October, 2013 (Montreal) Of course it's been ages since our last post. Don't worry, we've got thousands of pics from the summer. In the meantime here is a sexy pic for all you Gingham-getters c/o!

Bayern Munich players in Gingham.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Splitting UP the VIEW with X-ray in Gingham

K-Dubz and Colenall Funch corner X-ray in Gingham for "Splitting up the View"
June 2nd, 2013 (Montreal) SLITTING UP THE VIEW is the latest sensation in documenting Montreal Street Art. Here we see the crew interviewing X-RAY. K-Dubz and Colenall Funch kick off the first episode grilling the Floridan Street Artist at Greenlight Gallery which is becoming the defacto main switchboard for all street artists east of Chicago. Got Gingham checked things out and just in case nobody there was wearing Gingham, we made sure the host sported some Ben Sherman Renaissance action in the shape of this One-Cut Special Edition. Gabriel Lasry is the break-out film director for this early-days taste of what is sure to be an incredible career. The guy was born before Home Alone even came out, yet he has the hands of Santa Claus--you just gotta check out the camera work: see HERE.

Keep checking back for more Gingham for the best shots of the Spring.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

David Martel Sings for his Gingham or Vice Versa

While his fans scarfed down the food, Martel scarfed up the Gingham.

March 19th, Spring Equinox, Twenty-thirteen (Montreal) Scarves are pretty much gonna be history soon now that the calendar is starting to let the months fly in the wind. Pretty soon it's going to be that time of year again. Still, that wind is very much in the air, as David Martel proves. Here we see David [check way better journalism done on the guy here] stage-left having finished an exhausting gig trying to raise the eyebrows of the tough crowd at Vices & Versa, which is a Little Italy hotspot whose name we think means "addicted to poems," yeah? For sure, if Martel's antics are anything to go by. The punters were soon ordering everything on the menu, they couldn't get enough of the man. Backed up by a famous drummer and an outrageous string section, it had us thinkin'... there is no way this guy could be for real. But then we saw the scarf. More legit then a tailor-fit. This one's from the original set. The Gingham Nation is stronger than we knew.


Gabriel is talking to his agent about more Gingham...
But doesn't realize, Shawn is his agent.
West-side Montreal, we caught these two stand-ups down at Burritoville. At first we thought they were joking when they said they were comedians. Jokes on us. They Got Gingham.

LUDO in Girondin Mayhem!

"Oui, oui. C'est vrai. Bien sur. Pour quoi pas? Alors, franchement--qu'est-ce-que je peut dire?"
You've always been afraid to approach him on the dance floor... so we went in and brought him to you. Check out Ludo here in a shirt he says was a gift from Bordeaux. That's Bordeaux France, not Bordeaux prison. Who knows where he got his tattoos from. He has several more shirts similar so keep watching this space as we collar the man in his finest Gingham-Vichy.

Montreal Street Style 
Still Flying the Gingham Standard

Louis stays anon on Blvd. St-Laurent in a cut he Got from Korea. We'll be hearing from him anon.

Frederic in no need of a lift, giving it to us in this Northern Shield Special.

Everybody loves cute babies. Every baby loves Gingham. You can't train a baby to act. Oh wait, her mother's a famous actor.

A real negotiator wears Gingham.

Graf buffs take Gingham as par for the course (seen here at the now defunct Fresh Paint Gallery).

More Gingham action at Fresh Paint (courtesy of Fionsy Katz).

Guys, Gingham works. Trust us. For centuries it has proven its strength and durability.

Our photographer had to fend off an army of Gingham lovers to get this shot.

You're always headed in the right direction, while motoring in your Gingham.

Sometimes you just wish your friend wore Gingham. So you wave it around and hope they get the hint.

Our production manager Christine Deita poses in front of the coolest cat in the hottest Metro station.

      almost forty YEARS AGO
Hi-tech lighting employed to ensure Gingham not overshadowed by beard/chin (courtesy BBC-TV)
 Take a look at Jimmy Hill. Any English football fan reading this knows who he is [now you do too]. This is him talking before a Chelsea match in 1976. A lot of people made fun of Jimmy Hill, especially for the size of his chin. In fact, it bore an expression: "Scratch my chin!" which meant "I don't beleive you!" which then just became "Jimmy Hill!" for short. If somebody had told me at the time he wore Gingham, I'd have said "Jimmy Hill."

Today's caption: "Springs Eternal" is brought to us by the kind folks at the library who randomly selected the slogan. It also fits with the first day of spring and the hope that now the Fashion Strike is over, you'll be seeing a lot more Got Gingham.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Everything but the kitchen sink: Robert shows us this rare import from Up North-UK.

24th January, 2013 (Montreal) At last Got Gingham is back in business after a bit of a kerfuffle with the Fashion Licensing Commission. Now that we've got our books in order it's time to get back to giving you Gingham Getters the soup you've been waiting for. And talking about soup, why not some hot Scouse [see here]?
Robert, from Liverpool, home of all things Scouse, brought to these shores this one-of-a-million Off-the-Rack Northern Soul Specials in blue and white to have us dreaming of the good old days of the Beatles, the Liver Building and waiting around Lime Street Station for the last train to London.
Not many people know that despite their reputation, Scousers like to pay for things. Especially our Rob. He says this was a bargain at Primark, but let's just pretend he got it at Grand Central, or one of those other cool boutiques on Merseyside. See, our Robert here, works for a living, and not just as a dishwasher.
Speaking perfect undulating Andalusian Spanish and practically lilting Lilloise French, he can walk into any restaurant in town and start handing out the dishes. Maybe it's he who's the dish? Ladies, hold your horses. He's 'already taken.' Sorry.
Thanks Robert, you've given us all a chance to brush up on our English Regional Accents [see here] and also leave the dishes to the servants.

You touch the merchandise: you pay for it. But in a nice way... according to Raf.

Still more Gingham Getters are out to prove winter is no excuse to stop being stylish. Check out Raf here, outside a swish resto during the third or fourth course of a five class dinner. Not everybody gets to keep such illustrious company, so next time you're sitting at a table-for-one... perhaps you ought to bring some Gingham. Gingham likes company.


Not many people know that 'Majid' means 'Glorious'... we only have to look at his shirt.
Majid has lived all over the world. His last stop was the vigorous streets of London's East End. In the old days it used to be a bit of a rough part of town, but since the Olympics and a few new street signs, the place is actually quite a nice patch these days. The only thing missing is Majid. He left. But not without packing his Gingham.

Stolen from Youtube/Nardwuar but he prolly paid for his own shirt.

Our ex-colleague from Vancouver radio--Nardwuar [see here], interviewed Skrillex before his big show there last year. Some people wonder if Dub Step is just some passing fad or here for the longhaul. Waiting for the name or the bass to 'drop'... It hardly matters. The guy's Got Gingham. In fifty year's time when his kids Google him, they will see this shot and realize, he's actually a classic.

In Gingham, you're making cash hand-over-fist.

Shops on Boulevard St-Laurent still pushing the Gingham limit.

Actually, Ave. Mont-Royal is trying to outdo St-Laurent. This from California Friperie 308.

Metro De La Savanne never looked so good. Face taken out, new facade being put in.

Queuing for Coffee, Gingham Style. Of course it's not K-pop, but it's still worth the wait.


Today's caption, "This ain't Jarg" was stolen from the rich street dialect of fashionable Merseyside.