Friday, July 15, 2011

Josh Scores Got Gingham Victory

Never tired of working for City Hall pro bono...Josh's Got Gingham.

15th July, 2011 (Montreal)--It's surprising no trendy parent has named their kid Viateur yet, considering how cool the people on this street look. Ok, some are bagel tourists, coffee a'fashionados and friperie flop-outs, but this time we got the real thing in Josh, sporting a Bermuda Blue Gingham Weekender he says with a whisper, he picked out at H&M. Custom fit, off-the-rack, or stolen from your granpa's attic--as long as you Got Gingham, you can name your kid Viateur, which just off the top of my head is a more medieval sound for Victor. Thanks Josh, every time you take a stroll, you're doing your part for the tourist trade here in Montreal.

Here is More Mile End Magic
Nothing more wonderful than shopping with your girlfriend. As long as you got Gingham.
"Darling, we've been shopping for seven and a half hours now. Where to next?"

Send your Gingham Gets to like this courtesy of Gingham Getter Keven Franks:

Gingham makes life a walk in the park.

Friday night's major party ideas are probably past the post, but here's one for the rest of the weekend. At lower right we have Emily in a flavourful Gingham Barn Stormer. The original photo can be found HERE.

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