Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Anybody making fun of Gingham better cut it out. We got a thousand fans now.
Have your cake and Gingham too.
27th of July, 2011 (Montreal)--Today marks the point we've reached a thousand readers. It's time to celebrate and bring in a real star. We spared no expense and even got the guy to give away a bunch of free Gingham. A main beneficiary is our friend Alfred here wearing a Manhattan Three-Tone Time Square Blue short-sleeve Roll-up. Alfred is full of glee at receiving such a cool gift from Canada's teen heart throb. Some people wonder if Mr. Bieber can cut it in the big wide world of the music industry. Is he in for the long haul? Of course he can make it, our friend Alfred was able to chuck him in the back of his pick up and drive halfway across the province without him flapping around in the wind. Not at all into drugs, here the duo by-pass the prescription counter and head straight for the make-up booth. Thanks Alfred! You are looking sporty taking care of a our Cultural Heritage.

Meanwhile here are some shots sent by our contributor Elaine Prudhomme to

 Mile-End, Avenue Bernard:
The guy on the right is leaning into get a closer look at all the Gingham on sale.
Avenue Duluth, le Plateau:

Everybody can rely on the Guy in the Gingham for directions.
Thanks for making Got Gingham a success on all four or five continents.

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