Friday, September 30, 2011


761 Queen Street West is an easy address to find. Just look for Garnet there, wearing his Gingham, bearing his heart.
QCGG: Gotcha Journalism is her forte.
Gingham Friday 30th September, 2011 (Montreal) Our Queen City Gingham Getter has been doing the rounds of the Urban Horseshoe and aren't we lucky to have on board our man Garnet who is only too happy to bear his treasured chest for all you fans of Got Gingham. What you see here is an Erie Blue Patched-Pocket Shoreliner of the type your Uncle would wear during his halcyon days (although our forensic expert has identified it as coming from Diesel & Co). For all you Got Gingham fans, the halcyon days are still with us, seeing Garnet live it up big with a V-Neck T only somebody with inkwork to match like this could pull off. Garnet proves the Lakeside Style is making its own wave and all we can do is try and keep our heads above water to catch up.  Almost has us singing "Ee-eye-ee-adio let's all move to Ontario."

Food is more than just fuel. Gingham is more than just a textile.

Stripes might be au goût du jour, but Gingham should always be on the menu.

The glass is always half full when you've got Gingham.


Did you know? "A"  also stands for Gingham.
So this big movie with Brad Pitt is making a big splash. Moneyball. All about the Oakland A's famous 2002 baseball season, underdogs overcoming the odds, etc. In much of the literature the media are running a shot of the coach from the real team of that era--guy by the name of Charlie Finley. What's upsetting is they keep calling him renowned for his "Houndstooth Hat." CNN sent us this shot, we just had to run it. The Gingham Liberation Front is here to make amends for this grave example of disinformation in the media.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"I'm the only guy in Penguin Gingham with an old-style Blue Jays hat and you want my name?"
28th September, 2011 (Montreal) Even though the dust has settled we've still got plenty of Gingham from the past few days grabbed during pop montreal. Meet another Cherry Chapstick Fan who was happy to be presented to the Gingham Nation in his Old School Blue Jays cap making it look a winner in this Huron Blue Gingham Long Sleever from our friends at Penguin [see here]. This is probably a one-off they did for the North American streets and is unavailable pretty much anywhere but right in front of your eyes right now. "Please don't use my name. I don't need the aggro. But go ahead and spread the word. I got this baby in NYC." Nothing like a bit of humility amongst all the hoopla of the Huge International Music Fest That Could. We're are presuming he hails from Toronto, but the understanding is he wears his Gingham everywhere. Thank Cherry Chapstick for bringing together a fine tradition.

You don't have to look like the Fonz to wear Gingham but everything helps.
Meanwhile here's another fan, this time before the Sweet Mother Logic gig who also refused to give his name but was happy to make a mark for us. Seems DG are making a Gingham bass line these days. Even his friend wanted to tell all you Gingham Getters you missed one crazy-mad-fun time at pop montreal, if you're into Gingham, that is.


Don't be hoodwinked: insist on Gingham.


Lumber Jane got Jack...
...while Gingham Getter takes the Bag.
 Talking of loot... got any HALLOWEEN PLANS?

In a strange turn, considering the economic climate, Dollarama's gone all up-market.
Thanks to our professional model and SEO master Irwin Kee, for spotting this display down at Dollarama. From our standpoint, this sort of stuff is worth wearing all year round.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Nigel plays guitar, but mostly he wears Gingham. Meanwhile his fans follow suit.
Nigel kindly permitted close-up for our fans, and his.
26th September, 2011 (Montreal) pop montreal (see here) just wrapped up (although there are tons of echoes reverberating). These are the guys who brought us puces pop (see here). This year was a major peak for the fest with the free show in the Quartier Spectacles courtesy of Arcade Fire. For the first time we noticed obvious packs of tourists specially in town for what has now become one of the premier international music conventions known to man.

Nigel's stage look: Gingham.
We care enough about music here at Got Gingham to turn up and check out the sounds and there certainly are some interesting new forms letting loose to keep the kids buzzing. More importantly we were on the march for what was being worn and sure enough, this year pop montrealers did not let us down. Here's Nigel from the band Cherry Chapstick which we guess means they dig Yo La Tengo or something. Frankly I found the band kind of similar to Wire Train (see here) under the influence of 20 more years of rock history, but what do we know? Nigel is wearing a Fine Hatch Blue-n-White Appalachian Classic before he jumps on stage to try and keep the fans of the preceding band (Sweet Mother Logic) interested in their moves. Not to worry! Cherry Chapstick has fans of their own, and more importantly, they were bringing on the Gingham (see last and next post).

Meanwhile, I guess we have Austin to look forward to for the next Gingham Love-Rising, but for now, wish Nigel and the rest of his band a fond farewell as they set off down the Gingham Highway for that winner-takes-all rumble called Rock and Roll.

pop montreal BRINGS IN THE BIG GUNS:

Pop Montreal tourists saving their money and their Gingham for the nighttime.

More cross street action:

Some people came with tickets, others with key chains on belt loops. The best came in Gingham.

Mapping out a course to pop montreal:

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Got Gingham!

Sometimes you just gotta double up!

Multiple Gingham patterns mash up on Blvd. St-Laurent.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Guillaume, in Gingham goes: POP!
23rd or 24th September, whatever who's countin'?, 2011 (Pop Montreal) POST EQUINOX GOLD BULLION BID/ASK ANNOUNCEMENT: Seriously Doods. In light of the long-standing journalistic legacy of music fest journalism... we hereby submit an intoxicated write-up... report... dispatch from the festival as has been done down the years by gonzo advocacy writers the world over. We will NOT edit this tomorrow to proove how in the vibe we were! Folks. This is pop montreal. And pop Montreal turned into a Gingham ORGY (can we say that word on teevee?) oh-kay... here goes... i got major trouble trying to do this while a supposed deejay uses this as an output to keep the crowd rolling... in the spirit of things we start with last night's ARCADE FIRE performance in Place d'Isastre or QUARTIER DES SPECTACLES in the very nerve centre of the city... Ok if we sound a bit absurd but trying to write like you sound drunk is way way way harder than actually writing while drunk. Ok, this could be just a terrific put on, either way, if the emperor indeed HAS NO CLOTHES (in reference to a famous Montreal Band that provided so much foundation with the current meadow we chomp on here called the Montreal Moosic Scene) so let's just let the photos do the poppin'!

Nobody can ever fully explain, no matter what town they are from, how come it is obvious the people across the street are just visiting:

POP Montreal Tourists!! Never did we think we would see the day! (Actually they're famous locals!)

Fans from out of town have overwhelmed the public benches in Montreal.


POP, Go the Cherry Chapsticks!

Ones to watch out for: (*ok, listen too) Cherry Chapstick brought their own gang of Gingham Getters all the way from the other side of town. [for a more reputable issue on this band see  HERE]

POP! According to Sweet Mother Logic.

Sweet Mother Logic Bassist/keyboardist Stevie V. laughs at another gag from the Gingham Nation joke book after the show. Adrian--the drummer is memorizing it.

Sticker Art came to prominece in NYC in the 70's,but will supposedly live on forever in Montreal.


GOT GINGHAM made sure it was represented during the POP MONTREAL STICKER ART EXPLOSION.

POP! Goes the BED AND BREAKFAST, if you're into that snap, crackle thing.

"Stripes? Polka Dots? Hoops? Are you kidding? For Pop Montreal I'm travelling in Gingham." (Thanks to AgenceFrance Press for this shot of Pop Montrealers on the roll with haircuts no barber in this town knows how to do.)


Direct quote from Rhett Butler of Arcade Fire: "So What if you Gotta Grammy? Have you Got Gingham?"


Ricardo's GOT GINGHAM! Totally paparazzi'd him without his consent! He said: "Ok, it's for a good cause. Keep it."


Arcade Fire Fans turned up in full force in their Gingham. Lucky it wasn't White Stripes night!

POP! Oh, yeah, for those of you who like POP Montreal for the 'music.'

Considering how many PhD's were in the audience, Sweet Mother Logic defied all irrationality.
[More on Band HERE]


Gingham has something to do with everything.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gingham as Social Lubricant: Everybody Loves A Smart Alex

Alex's Got Gingham and has no need to dazzle you with all the silly knowledge he's learned.
21st September, 2011 (Montreal) Social situations can be awkward, especially if you are one of those brainiacs that know everything about a certain topic. One thing about brainiacs is they tend to think a cocktail party is the time to tell us all the information they know rather than catch a good vibe with laughter and funny observations. That's when your eyes glaze over and you start hearing snippets of the conversation next to you, you start nodding and saying uh-huh without really knowing the true meaning of uh-huh. Then you might insert some comment just to prove you've been listening and what will happen? They will tell you that you are wrong!
The corridors are full of brainiacs who want into the party but don't realize they've been silently banned not because they KNOW TOO MUCH but because they've got bad timing. Parties are not the arena to show how smart you are to a girl or tell a guy he's wrong about the minutiae concerning the history of Hip Hop. Parties are for raising everybody's awareness for sure--but it's their awareness in humanity, feelings and the unspoken vibrations of the universe that get locked in after what scientists often refer to as 'Shared Experience.' All too often brainiac's "Shared Experience" involves having read the same comic book or geology dictionary. But there's a better way.
Rather than prove how smart you are, you can now just show just how smart you look. "Easier said then done," says the brainiac. Not true. Check out our man Alex here: totally sharp and not a word coming out of his mouth, yet we know, deep down in his heart lies a voice with all the answers in the universe. No conversation necessary: this Blue and White Gingham Forty-Five Alex brought to us from Brooklyn tells us every thing we need to know. Bored listening to this rant? Alex will wash the glaze from your eyes.


Gingham on Rachel in Montreal. It's always a big party at Lunch time for Gingham Getters.


On his way to another party where he will listen attentively to those attracted to his Gingham, keeping things light and fun.


The Lumber Jane look is doing the rounds again in Montreal.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Brendan's Got Gingham Bermuda-Style!

19th September, 2001 (Montreal) We are nearing the equinox, which means it's time to profile somebody who is equal parts day, equal parts night. Meet Brendan, standing on the dock in the bare of night in his Gingham. By day he works hard to keep this country running. By night he works hard to keep the party alive. Known for his easy laid-back attitude, Brendan has found the perfect fit for this persona in a Dark and Light Grey Docksider often called a "Dark and Stormy" or "Bermuda Style" by old-school Gingham collectors owing to the interplay between white and darker shades. Talking of shades, Brendan wears his at night just to remind you of how hard he works in the daytime. Thanks Brendan, you are inspiring all of us to accept more social invitations and still get up in the morning the next day. In our Gingham.

Quick Throwback to August's 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival:

Morning in Millenium Park shows the first sign of the Gingham uprising.

Chicago-Style Gingham on the Miracle Mile:

Wrigley's and Gingham go hand in hand.

Spot the Leader:

To walk the Miracle Mile in Gingham: the quintessential Chicago experience.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Drop-shadow Gingham is being peddled as the Genuine Article to unsuspecting Newbies.
Hip to hip-sisters but are they Hip to the Gingham?
15th September, 2011 (Montreal) We are halfway through the month so it's time to show off Montreal Street Style to the world. We promise we still have lots of personal profiles to bring you, we're just waiting for the releases to come through. For now, lets contemplate the mid month as the shadows lengthen and the weather changes. Autumn and Spring are all about transition and metamorphosis. Accept that things will change, they always say. It's true, learning to let go and move forward and carry on are the hallmarks of the path to wisdom, but  is it necessarily the case that all things must change?
For instance take the fact there will always be a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, something which the fashion industry won't let you forget. Yet in amongst all the hoopla of promoting one trend over another over the course of a cycle, no matter what you do to it, you cannot change Gingham. As soon as you adulterate the pattern with a pinstripe or drop-shadow it becomes plaid. As soon as you start adding marmalade it becomes tartan. Which means, like others in recovery, we must also accept the things we cannot change.
It is for this reason how Gingham has become a symbol of elemental purity, aspirational comfort and a basic standard of common sense. Notice how it can also be worn in all four seasons. Plus ça change... but not Gingham.

HERE'S HOW IT'S DONE: On the March with the Montreal Gingham Liberation Front
Got Gingham, and even has the bag strap that's now so in.

Raining champion of Gingham Street Style:

Gingham makes umbrellas superfluous.

You won't find this down the Army Surplus:

Is it a tree? Is it a bench? Gingham is perfect camouflage.

 Red backpack adds to innovative ensemble:

Hats are back in circulation. Gingham has always been.


If your Gingham has pinstripes or drop-shadows, being gorgeous might just save you.

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Monday, September 12, 2011


2011 Toronto Int'l Moovie Fest UPDATE : Projecting Gingham is the best way to get past all the pesky talent-handlers.
12th September, 2011 (Montreal) Folks, right now Toronto is the place to be. Just about every journalist with half an 'in' is pushing their toes between doors with an effort to catch the wave of gliteratti that have descended on the city. We're talking about TIFF (see here). Apparently for many 'Tonians this annual exercise in star gazing is just another blip on the calendar of leading a full life in what Chicagoans refer to as "The Nice Version of Us" and as such, it's another day at the office, or cafe. But what a life! Check out Joe here on College Street, making a call to Steve Cronenberg or Karen Varnasse or somebody... Notice how the other person on the far end is happy to receive this call. Most people get fobbed off by the A-listers (even the C-listers) during this very busy period as directors and actors hustle around trying to line up more Gingham for next year. Not our man Joe. You see, Joe's got Gingham and if you're familiar with film directors' and actors' temperaments when they are in need of a fix, can you imagine their reaction when they receive this image as an MMS? Right about now, Joe's the most popular man in town, and we haven't even started counting his real friends yet.


"Whatchoo looking at?" "Whatchoo think I'm looking at?" "All right, come outside, let's take care of this." Snap!


Gingham never retires. It works till the death and a dignified burial.
Collette, one of our correspondents from France has sent in this farewell shot of some  Vichy that for one reason or another, had to be let go. Sometimes folks, you just gotta fire your Gingham. Sometimes it's just not working for you and a good hard conversation is required. In other cases, even that doesn't go down well and the Gingham has to be shown the door. In this case Collette has made the admirable option of offering it a place in a charity shop rather than just shoving onto the streets to fend for itself. Don't be worried about this Gingham, somebody is sure to find use for it. In almost all cases, if you've been given the sack, they've actually done you a favour. At least this Gingham was let go with a bit of dignity intact. Thanks Collette. Time to get some more Gingham!

Now Toronto Gingham has no place to hide.
Thanks to our new correspondent Alex, our QUEEN CITY GINGHAM GETTER who is covering TIFF and the Toronto Gingham Scene.
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