Friday, May 25, 2012

Burgundy Lion's Got Gingham for CHELSEA EURO TRIUMPH

Trust us, the girl at the end of the bar is wearing Gingham in Bayern colours.
A closer look proves the rule.
25th May, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) Plenty of reason to step outside this weekend. Best one is to show off all your Gingham you Got. Check Trin here, sitting at the Burgundy Lion [see here] watching the Gingham go around. He's wearing a Chelsea Shirt in celebration of last week's huge match in Munich for the visit of Chelsea in the European Champions League Final. Winning an extraordinary game, fans of the Blues will be celebrating all summer long.

Stay tuned for Monday's bumper MONTREAL MAPLE SPRING GINGHAM UPRISING feature. The world is watching Montreal right now as it's streets are filled with people adorning the famous "Red Square" in defiance of Law 78, that was fast-tracked by the Provincial Government in an effort to tighten the reign on public order.

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