Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Andrew's Got Gingham and Street Cred at Mondo Grill!

"Been around the world and I, I, I... I just love my Gingham."

12th September, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) The city is about to have another fine eatery open up its doors to the hoards of foodies looking for late-night treats. Mondo Grill on Blvd St-Laurent will be offering Street Food from around the World. What this means is like most places catering to the drunk and dazed wee-hours crowd, Mondo Grill [see here] will be offering cheap and quick food to satiate the youth on their way home before they ritually lie on their bed to watch the ceiling spin. Except with an edge.
We interviewed Richie Von Rose, the owner of the restaurant and asked him what gives this new nosh-bar an edge.
"The counter, of course." replied Von Rose.
Artist  Émilie Pinard demonstrates the beauty of Gingham
Here we see future-regular patron, Andrew standing next to the counter. Right on that edge, that Ricardo was telling us about. Our Foodie Division is pretty strict here at Got Gingham--no amount of jazzy promotion [seven dishes from seven continents for seven bucks; the restaurant is going to introduce it's own World Currency; they've got the largest public map of the world in all of Quebec that isn't owned by the military, etc. the owner claims to have lived in like forty-five countries, or is that four-to-five? ] ... ugh, where were we? Oh, yeah right. No amount of flashy neon is going to dispel the fact that the proof is always in the pudding.
And what more proof do you need than this snazzy red and white Simon Says Special Gingham Snapper Andrew is toasting for us, in advance of their grand opening. Satisfaction guaranteed or you get to keep the tablecloth.

MORE GINGHAM in the Friperie District of Montreal

"Choices, choices..." the Friperie District during the Street Sale.

You can run, but you cannot hide from the Gingham.
The Frip Dist in full Bag Strap Regalia.

This guy totally refused to show his face, but was willing to donate his chest to scientific research.
A political enclave on Montreal voted for this guy in the recent Quebec Elections. Some say it was for his [Amir Khadir]  policies. Yeah, yeah yeah, could be... But look! The guy's Got Gingham.

Quebecois icon Jean le Loup gave a free concert at Place des Arts to thank us and pay the Montreal community back for all those other free concerts he subjected us to down the years, and that we suffered through. No problem if you Got Gingham.

Stevie V., of Sweet Mother Logic [see here] and  now Elephant Stone fame  [see here], attracts the Gingham Getters at Jean le Loup.

If you look closely, this guy is looking at an ad for Gingham.

This guy is signalling the famous "two fingers down" sign that all Got Gingham Getters give each other when they spot each other across the street.

Drive-by shooting of candid Gingham Getter.

Backpacks are well stylish, at least up in the mountains, and everybody loves it when you swing around suddenly in a crowded train and get all intimate... but frankly the only time you should wear them as a fashion item is when you're wearing Gingham and you've got back-up. Yeah, best to travel in pairs.

Outside Cul-de-Sac, in the Friperie District, Gorgeous Gingham Getter and Two Summer Lovers.

More Gingham and Summer Lovers, in the Friperie District.

The heart of the Friperie District: Cul-de-Sac has led the way with Gingham. Very hard shop to back out of.

Be aware of the Gingham Gaze... other Getters just can't help themselves. Here are some Resojets fans.

Dollarama attracts more stylish upmarket customers each day.
This was taken on a Sunday. Now, if you dress this properly on a Sunday, well, then...

Normal Sunday casual: Gingham + Lifesaver at the Hare Krishna Fest next to the Frip District.

Up from the Frip District is the Frites District on Rachel where there are like, seven places to get Poutine. Oh, and here is somebody wearing Gingham trying to decide which one to go to.

Orange You Glad We Left our Gingham in San Francisco...

Bud E Love at the San Francisco Giants in Gingham.

Cindy Sherman "Untitled #96", 1981: Thirty-one years of Gingham Artistic Genius.

And Elsewhere...
When we called them, Glossy Blonde told us our "check's in the nail."
Check out Glossy Bonde [see here] who are having a field day with Gingham at the moment.

Thanks for your patience as Got Gingham gets back into full swing after a major theft occurred at our offices in the Friperie District. We have lots of Gets so keep coming back as we update this post.

Got any Gingham? Send it to

Today's sub-heading caption "No longer just a shibboleth" is incorrect, since yeah it (Gingham) is, and those who get it would have known that, but now the cat's sort of out of the bag to those who didn't. For those who don't know what a shibboleth is, well, then the original caption stands.

[Update 16th September 2012: We're about to hit 38,000 fans!]

It's a long way to the top, but who cares if you Got Gingham?

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