Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Got Gingham as Street Art

Capping off a lovely winter's day vandalizing the streets of Montreal with Gingham.

Goin' for the Yankees or the Reste this year?
7th February, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Street Art is becoming more and more legitimized as the public and private world join in its acceptance. OK, so we've seen the rise of Banksy and Under Pressure in Montreal, but we mustn't forget the artists and writers who plug away, trying to break new ground or new snow, as is the case today. Expanding the art form so that Graffiti is now painted on bodies [see here] and ball caps [see here], of course Montreal Graf Crews are going to be making hay while the sun shines and putting temporary bombs on the snow banks of the city. This is all very cool and legit, and all, but what's the point if you're just hanging around in some ordinary balaclava or other such face-mask to cover your I.D. from the cops? A total waste of time, paint and snow, we say. Specially if somebody's going to the actual trouble of filming it in time-delay. That's why we bring you our man (who wishes to remain, um, anon.) putting candy-coating colours on the mythical winter carpet while sporting a ball cap not coated in graf, but you got it: Gingham. The streets are full of life, and the life is in the streets, and where there is life, you'll find Gingham.

Got Gingham in the Underground:

"OK.  Win, you're looking great, keep going... Ignore that weird dood beside you."

"Ok. Take Three Hundred and Fifty-seven."

Last week in the underground city of Montreal we caught a rock vid being filmed. Some happnin' big star singing his song, echoing down the halls, we thought it was a busker but then noticed the film crew. Boy did we give them a weird-out as we followed them in sync, camera not pointed at the famous-here-in-Quebec superstar song writer, but the cameraman. Best crew in town. They decided we'd messed up the take so had to re-shoot. Not Got Gingham's problem! That's show bizness, guys.  

Street Art in Montreal's Got Gingham!
Here is a doc by some Concordia University students which follows some of the Street Art occurring in Montreal. It's not till the 8:48 mark you will see the Gingham, but it is never-the-less a charming look at the streets of Mile-End and has interviews with several local characters of renown who have made some great contributions to the life in the streets of the city. That somebody can be a PhD candidate in the study of "Yarn Bombing" proves that one day Gingham is surely going to find its way into the great marble halls of academe. So far, as this vid proves, we've been able to operate on stealth. One day we'll be getting an entire faculty devoted to us. We figure an honourary Ph.D might help to kick things off, but then that would mean all of a sudden we've joined the dreaded 'Establishment,' and there so goes all our street-cred in three painted letters.

How much is that Gingham in the Window?

Some of you might figure out where this is by the reflection in the window. It might still be there tomorrow. Otherwise, forget about it.

Chris Ellul--drummer for THE HEAVY'S GOT GINGHAM!

Proof it wasn't a one-off rim shot.
OK. Check out the vid of The Heavy playing "Sixteen." It's nice to do away with the drum machine and bring in a real person once in a while, and The Heavy epitomize the human aspect of what makes great pop. But what's the point in having a cool drummer if he ain't Got Gingham? Best line in the song: "Sixteen year old acting like a forty year old."

He don't wanna work, just wears his Gingham all day.

Valentines Day Special!
Our friends over at Go Gingham [see here] are going all out this Valentines. Or is that All-in? Who knows. As long as Gingham is in the air or out in the open...
This Valentines, don't let us down, take to the streets and proclaim your love for Gingham.

Four Graf writers can't all be wrong at the same time.

Got Graf? Got Gingham? Send it to gotgingham@gmail.com

Today's caption: "A form of Street Protest" was brought to you by the masses of people who have down the ages, fought for change, and left their mark.

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