Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IT'S A GINGHAM THING! Special Transport and Romantic Relationships Edition...

NYC-style Gingham Scarf in a VW181 means no roll bar required on this THING.

Classic in a classic.
17th April, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Spring has arrived with a gust of fresh air and what better way is there to soak it up and put the wind in your hair than taking to the road in your top-down convertible? But not just any convertible, you don't want to look like some mid-life crisis hoax trying to compensate for something lacking. No, you want to go forth in style, panache and grace. Take our man here, in the Foodie District of Montreal heading off for dinner somewhere... He understands that Gingham is a thing. And since riding around with Gingham is a thing, might as well make the convertible you ride around in a Thing [see more here].

More spring time Gingham Getters on the move in Montreal with places to go:

Long Strides mean one thing: he's getting more Gingham.


"Hey, I'm on Got Gingham again... yeah, they're desperate."
"Got my Trucker Cap  but I'm walkin' all the time."

Gingham puts springs in your steps
No skating around the fact he's got Gingham.

With Gingham, there's no walking backwards.

Philly-style drop shadow Gingham Shorts--the first spot of the season.

Some people drive...
Some people wait for the bus...

And others head down to the Metro and ride the rubber rails.

She's just parallel parked...

While she's paying for more parking...

Yet this guy is one step ahead and relying on foot power to save fuel.

Gingham Travelling On Bikes:

Coolest cat in town, hands down. Already has five girlfriends after wearing this shirt.

So this guy tries to copy him, and gets the same result!

Meanwhile, some riders just don't want a girlfriend...

Here the Gingham protects against attacks from rampant females.

Coolest chick in the neighbourhood makes herself even more out-of-reach with this Scooter Pie [see here].

Today's caption "It's a Thing" is brought to us by the Oxford Student Dictionary and a collection of street-dialect researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Got Gingham? Send it to gotgingham@gmail.com

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