Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jeff Stands Out in Top Notch Gingham

Gingham and Stadium Art improve any facade.

6th October, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Don't worry, Got Gingham hasn't gone away. We are in the process of moving our offices... In the meantime, here's some candy from the St-Laurent Friperie District.
Check out Jeff here outside the Stadium Art Movement in his Gingham. What might have been an ordinary walk down the boulevard talking turned into an idle diversion as Jeff proved it is way easier to make friends wearing gingham than any other Garment. Into fancy watches, fancy trousers and fancy restaurants, Jeff says Gingham compliments every taste--sophisticated or simple. Gotta admit, he's right. Not too sure about the whole exposed chest push-out thingy but hey, who knows? Perhaps that's what you're into.

Losing your head over Gingham.

Hang on to what you got. Specially if you Got Gingham.

Sunnier days during the Street Sale heading towards the Friperie District.

Short changed in the Friterie District outside The Main.

Elbowed out of the way in search of a good deal.

Hungry for more? Come back next time.

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Last issue's caption "Not just a Shibboleth" has been held over due to the postage strike.

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