Friday, December 16, 2011

Molly Reigns as Queen of the NY International Gingham Convention at Artists & Fleas

"Knees up Molly Gingham" is part of the new sound coming out of Brooklyn...

Headin' for the Convention.
16th December, 2011 (New York Ging'am City) There are so many artists and artisans converging on NYC during the holiday period to sell their wares that it would be extraordinarily difficult to narrow them down to an easy list for you to hit. So why not just head for Artists & Fleas? This is NYC's biggest independent Arts and Crafts Market based in Brooklyn. A lot of people have no idea how to make it out to Brooklyn so this weekend and for the next two weeks they are operating at Chelsea Market with over 30 Indie Designers and artists on the block [see here]. However, last weekend during the International Gingham Convention the Brooklyn depot was chock full of Gingham Getters and Holiday Happ'ners making me forget there was an entire island called Manhattan full of Gingham across the strait. Here's Molly, who runs Artists & Fleas and is therefore a serious Queenpin in the Brooklyn Creative Mafia. You don't mess around with Molly, you just say "Nice Gingham" and be on your way. Was Molly here for the convention? Are you kidding, take a look at who you're dealing with here. She defies all convention.
Luckily for us Molly was still nonetheless too happy to send her greetings to all you Gingham Getters who made the trek to the Five Boroughs. Her only suggestion to all you tourists: next time try sourcing your Gingham at Artists & Fleas.

Also available through Artists & Fleas

Gingham's bark is always as strong as its bite.
Do you have a dog? One of those cool little whipper-snappers? Well, warm them up with this as you cruise out for that mid-winter shot of espresso. It's about time you use your dog as a means for self-expression, after all you've already called him or her that catchy name like Jericho or Nebukabnezzar, so why not  grab the lead set by Billy Wolf [see here] and deck your pootchie-kins in something proper. Gingham.

More Notes from the NY International Gingham Convention

Best Gingham Waffles Coffees and Shakes, for that matter.

Brooklyn Foodie Gingham

What's the point of great food without Gingham?

Gingham on the menu: Forcella's on Lorimer has a special oven brought from Milan. But we're here for the Gingham. [see here]

Dowtown, Midtown, and the Village: NYC was prepared for the Gingham Nation

The times they are a Gingham: Union Square is where the protests were in the '60s. Now they have Gingham Fests.

No matter what kind of jam you're in, can't have a Gingham Convention if you ain't got no honey.

More Williamsburg Gingham Street Styles

Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn: Those not in Gingham were so ashamed, they were covering their faces. We got their backs.

Don't look back in Gingham

The Streets of Brooklyn were a convergence of Gingham as they made they're way to the Convention.

Brooklyn Gingham Getters abound

All smiles as the gang leave brunch homing in on the Convention.

North American Free Trade-a-Gingham

The Gingham Nation has always had a great relationship with NYC.
The Five Boroughs are full of Quebecois Christmas Tree sellers who have had a long standing deal for the last century or so to be the sole distributors and vendors for the entire city.It's a special arrangement, much like how the Mohawk Nation built Manhattan or the Somali's run the fake Rolex trade in the Diamond District. Go up to any guy selling a tree in New York and talk to him in French and I guarantee you'll get a good deal. No hyperbowl: a three foot twig was going for sixty bucks, so you know these guys are working for like, four weeks a year, and hanging out in their Gingham for pretty much the rest of it.

And Greetings from Philly--birthplace of the Gingham Republic
Leave the dishes till later: NYC is only 99 Miles to Philly.
Our favourite All-time Gingham-Getter Barbara was also up in NYC from Philadelphia in time for the convention, ready to join in the fray. To use an old hack expression, this convention included everything but the kitchen sink. So Barbara brought along a picture of it so now you know one more reason why, if it weren't for the efforts of some of those in Philly, New York might still be that little village up the coast.

We're you at the Convention? Did you do your dishes before you left? Send your gingham gets to

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