Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Citizen Gingham

"Hey, you touch it--you own it. That'll be thirty-seven thousand dollars please."
13th July, 2011(Montreal)--Today we head upstream to Toronto where we're proud to have been given the rights to show you this Strawberries and Cream Gingham long sleever we here at Got Gingham call a Cake-Walker. It's worn by none other than Julian Finkel--owner of Model Citizen (279 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON) which doesn't mean you can get any more copies of this absolute bale-over that combines the Pioneer Style with a twist. Not everybody can fold their cuffs up like we see here, tie a bow nor can I imagine there are many insurance companies willing to give Julian coverage on this heirloom, so let's assume this is a very rare public appearance. It was our Toronto jewellery gem Shannon Hazell who helped us land the shot, so here's hoping she keeps her eyes open for more like this. Thanks Toronto, although we rarely show it, we do love you.

U2 Got Gingham?

Sunday, Gingham Sunday.
Thanks go to Heidy over at Moine Urbain. She was at U2-360 last Friday and submitted this shot from the crowd.

Slow and Steady Wins the Gingham.
And finally here is a candid Gingham Shot from the Festival of India in Montreal where somebody proves Gingham and Turtles have a lot in common.

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