Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Game, Set and Matt!

Rolls Royce? Of course it's still for sale...oh, you mean the Gingham? No way.
29th June, 2011 (Montreal)--With Wimbledon in full swing tennis fans are probably wondering who's going to win the title this year. Not our latest star, Matt who couldn't give a toss about tennis. Matt is a historian and cares about the past and sure--tennis is here to stay and good for those who enjoy it. Matt prefers to travel the world and take part in its history, collecting things along the way and sharing them with us. First up is that Beatles pic on the wall, pretty much taken at their prime, if the Rolls Royce is anything to go by. Next up is this amazing Denim-Blue Gingham Rocker Matt is sporting. It must have fallen off a time machine from 1968. He refused to reveal it's source, which frankly, proves he's legit.

John Lennon Storms out of Wimbledon in his Gingham Coat
Another amazing fact is that the Beatles were never Tennis fans. This, together with Matt's own apathy towards the overgrown game of lawn pong make for what historians might call a pretty straight forward connection  between Matt and the Beatles. Basically, Matt is the next best thing we have for the moment, until another bunch of Beatles come along. Now, if you think it's a bit of a stretch, this link between Matt and the Beatles by way of not-caring-about Tennis, that's ok. Here's another reason. John Lennon and Matt both GOT GINGHAM!

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