Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gregory Mansfield has more Gingham Wiggle Room

23rd February, 2014 (Montreal) Meet Gregory Mansfield. Standing outside the Wiggle Room [see here] on a Saturday night ready to perform in some burlesque show of sorts. Claiming that he purchased this Classic Indigo Blue Ripper from Village des Valeurs several years ago... we are certainly not asking Gregory to take it off. Nor the moustache... Nor the Argyle vest... Nor the tikitiboo Bow-tie...
Ah. the old days. Burlesque and Gingham have always made great play dates.

East 2 East Style has Got Gingham

"You had me at "...  "
Here is Julia from East 2 East Style. If you are into fashion then this site might be for you [see here]. And if you're a mad Gingham Getter then it's a pretty decent source for Gingham.


Justin plays the Gingham Card

News just in: Gingham Gets and glory.

Meet Justin. He's a musician. All musicians own some Gingham. If they don't they are not really musicians. See what we're talking about at the Single Malt's website [here].

Got any more Gingham? Send it to

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