Friday, November 15, 2013

Paul Desbaillets is all fingers in Movember Gingham

Fish fingers are not on the menu at Brit & Chips.

15th November, 2013 (Montreal) PKG clothing are joining the Movember effort. Please see [here] for more details. This wouldn't be any big deal, normally but take a look at their hot model/restauranteur Paul Desbaillets giving it large. Usually taking charge of esteemed fish-n-chip purveyor Brit & Chips [please see here] now we see him out in the back alley looking for fish. Well, I guess he didn't like that joke, going by the pic. More importantly... Check out the Gingham!

Got any more gingham? Send it to gotgingham

Today's caption "Finger-looking Good" is a throw-back to the old days when health-issues were something to think about while eating.

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