Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Terra Is Stormin' the Barn

Smiles never end when you've Got Gingham.
3rd August, 2011 (Montreal)--We give you Terra, Princess of the Country Dance! On an island, on a lake, in the middle of the Laurentian Mountains is a log-cabin large enough for a good ol' tile-ripping hoe-down knees-up in the wilderness. It's basically an excuse for everybody on the lake to get together at least once a year and catch up for the summer. But if you're going all the way up to the mountains for a leg wiggle, you had better dress up for it. Luckily for us, we found Terra totally decked-out in this Royal Red Gingham Moonshiner in a classic look that no Gingham Getter is going to just walk past without out out a jaw-dropping double-take.  Keep in mind, this was at a party where guests were invited to dress up as Heroes and Villains. Naturally we bypassed the Aquamans, Batmans and Supermans and zeroed straight-in on this competition-winning entry. As far as we're concerned it won second and third prize too.
Terra gave no clue as to where she got this precious piece so just let's hope she takes good care of it for people in the decades to come who might admire the glory of a Gingham TKO short sleeve winner. Thanks Terra, another barn blown to bits on Got Gingham.

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