Monday, October 10, 2011

Robby Demonstrates the Tradition of (Canadian) Thanks Gingham.

Each year so many extra bottles of beer get produced in Canada, they stage a grand cull whereby they beat them over the heads with... bottle openers. We'd like to say this is an annual event, but actually, this savagery happens pretty much every day.
10th of the 10th, 2011 (Montreal) You need to take a quick step back and think about what on earth you're doing with your life, and just give absolute thanks for waking up with lungs full of air and a brain full of thoughts and a day full of food, every now and then. Today across Canada the citizens have been doing just that. Unfortunately, we can't be out there documenting this particularly private affair in all the dining rooms of the nation, so we have to thank photographer Jessica Petunia (see here) for getting behind the Maple Curtain and seeing what exactly these Canadians have to be thankful for. You got it: Gingham. Jessica managed to snap our man Robby here in a Gingham Thanksgiving Special which Robby is fortifying with a brave shot of WD40 or Colt 45, or perhaps it's some lethal homebrew? The great thing about this is we get to let YOU choose what colour Robby's shirt is. That's the magic of black and white photography, counting our blessings and drinking regular amounts of alcohol.

USA bows out of Canadian Thanksgiving in favour of Memorial Day:

Philly's Streetgazer has a long memory. That's why we credit him with this snap. And Columbus for us requiring an eventual Memorial Day.

Montreal Proving Thanks Gingham is in full gear:

Purple Gingham is rare. Shorts in October on the streets of Montreal is rare. Every Get is a gift. Thanks Gingham.

Striping out on his own:

Fact: Sunshine is attracted to Gingham. Skeptical? Where ever there is sunshine, you will find Gingham.

Photo Credit: Irwin Kee via twitter at Oktoberfest (Gingham Month) in Munchen, 6am.
 Our Bavarian step-uncles have long been celebrating Gingham on an annual basis. They don't like to confuse people by calling it Thanksgiving or Columbus Day or
Tag der gingan (Gingham Day). Instead they make it easy on everybody and name it after the month it occurs in.

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