Friday, December 27, 2013

INSIDE LLWELYN DAVIS marks Coen Brothers secret tribute to GINGHAM.

Justin Timberlake turns up in Cannes to promote the flick wearing Gingham and we're not supposed to notice?

27th December, 2013 (Montreal) The brothers Coen slid a treat under the tree on Christmas Day this year. "Inside Llewyln Davis" is a movie about the agony of being amazing but not quite making it. But let's not give the entire movie away. However--here is the best line in the entire film which had us at Got Gingham standing up in the cinema and cheering like we'd won the World Cup or something--

"Are you wearing Gingham panties?"

(The other great line is when Isaac's character says "There's two kinds of people in the world; The kind that divide the world into two kinds and...[trails off]")

We've been pretty quiet this season due to all sorts of NSA kurfuffles. It doesn't mean we haven't been busy documenting what's happening in the street. Don't miss the year end review with tons of legit gingham pics in our next post.

Today's caption: "Never in a twist" is actually an attempt at cover-up. Our knickers are always in a twist.

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