Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Revolution Begins With Gingham

After the Revolution, comes the Revolution.

9th August, 2011 (Montreal)--This being the silly season in the media, August tends to be when all the whacky events of the year pile up. All sorts of social upheaval, financial instability and climatic outrage occurs during this period--a quick flick through an old history book confirms this. Riots and looting in London has done who-knows-what to the Gingham Wholesale Quotient on the Chicago Board of Trade while a full-on shortage of gingham seems unlikely. Yet some revolutions are peaceful, and why not think about the time of the last Pink Revolution that began with the placing of a carnation in a soldier's firearm in Portugal. Ok, it was September when that happened, but Got Gingham is always striving to be ahead of the peace pack. And so in the spirit of peace, we bring you Salim who is our first ever Pink Gingham Getter and it was a pleasure for him to share this short sleeve Maltese Style Cruiser with Epaulettes. Search our entire site and you will not find a Pink Panther like this. Salim-- like him! (gettit?) He is bringer of Peace to the Gingham Nation.

The Streets of Montreal

"I bought the Gingham so breakfast's on you."
All sorts of arguments can ensue over who keeps who in hot dinners, but everybody agrees Gingham fits the bill. Here we see stylish examples of Gingham in the area around St-Denis and Duluth. All sent in by our master contributor Anurag Dhir.

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Style-wise, without Gingham, you'll eventually hit the wall.


Come and Get It or Bring and Get It, it's still Gingham.
You don't have to hit the streets to find Gingham. We ordered food in and Farhad our delivery driver was sporting a Gingham dub-collar. He doesn't want his boss to know about his modelling career on the side so we've kept his face out of it. Just proves how much bravery it takes to stand up and be counted and join the Gingham Revolution.

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