Monday, July 4, 2011

United States Finally Wins the World Cup of Gingham

"It was definitely a penalty! George Washington would never dive in the penalty area!"
4th July 2011 (Montreal)--Today Got Gingham celebrates the British losing to our American Cousins with that amazing last minute winner at the World Cup Final of 1776. What better way than rolling out this shot of our man Eugene who is honouring them NY Yankees with a crucial 2-inch Eighth Wave Black and White Gingham Forty Five short sleever. No other shirt has that long a classification so far here at Got Gingham. As much as Eugene offers his congratulations to the U.S. on their amazing victory two-hundred and thirty-five years ago, he is smiling not just because of the way in which his beloved Spain won the World Cup a year ago but the fact he's also Got Gingham.

No backing out now: Gingham for Life

After much demand from the Gingham Getters*, we've brought back our semi-professional model Elkin who has also joined the Elite Club here at Got Gingham. How do you know he's joined the Elite Club? Take a look at that embroidery--only these sort of elaborations can get you in. As soon as I learn to embroider, I'm making one for me.

Gingham W. Washington Memorial Napkin
And since so many people loved our Gingham County pics, here's one from yesterday that we couldn't squeeze in.
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*Most popular entries so far: 1) Shevon's Got a Forty-Five 2) Elkin's Got Gingham 3) David Baumann's Got Gingham

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