Monday, July 11, 2011

Gingham's for Girls

Somewhere over the Rainbow... Louise proves All Gold is Fool's Gold. But not when it comes to Gingham.
11th July, 2011(Montreal)--We profile a lot of guys here at Got Gingham that we almost changed the name to Got Guys in Gingham. Happily more and more Street Action shots are proving we Got Girls in Gingham. There is no better place to start than with our new friend Louise who was very agreeable to being profiled by Got Gingham. I had entered Café Névé where all heads were pointing to the corner in utter worship. At first I thought there was some sort of commotion, but at the end of an indoor rainbow sat Louise ignoring everybody else in the place. Of course I was mad-scared of condescending to ask where she found this dream of a short sleeve Red Gingham Mommie Dearest TKO, so I'm just going to say she must have found it somewhere along the Yellow Brick Road. Thanks Louise, you've got guts, you've got gumption and best of all, you've Got Gingham!

Class? Check. Intelligence? Check. Capability? Check. Sense of Humour? Check. Knock out taste? Gingham.

In between running the company, keeping the country organized and stopping six lanes of traffic on her walk to work with the wave of an eyelash, Ashley was very generous in sharing this Ultra Fine Point Black and White Dixie Style short sleeve Gingham classic. The UFP gives it this ethereal effect, as if  it changes from Gingham into Houndstooth then to Graph Paper and back again. Luckily Ashley is the no-nonsense, keep it simple and don't get me started-type, or else I'd have been in trouble taking any more of her time. The Gingham Getters are in awe of you Ashley, you've made our Monday.

Gingham has been reincarnated many times over.
Best to indoctrinate, I mean, influence people when they can't speak or have any voice over your style decisions.
Some of us are already in heaven...
And as promised, candid shots from the Indian Festival last weekend: 

Asha, from Philadelphia, City of Sisterly Gingham
For more great candid Street gazing may we draw your attention to this blog from Philadelphia aptly called Street Gazing. They happen to capture an enormous amount of Gingham, on film. As in that siver-nitrate old-school stuff. Now don't spend too long there, we want you to come back here eventually. Not all their shots are Gingham, but the street life of Philly is most lovingly snapped by Rueben Harvey.
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