Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NY Times Best Seller Lawrence Krauss's Got Gingham in Quantum Amounts

31st January, Twenty-Twelve, (Montreal) Quantum physics is one of our favourite topics here at Got Gingham. Specially when brave new worlders like Lawrence Krauss talk about it. Who said Gingham wasn't a science? At last, by way of this video which appeared on our favourite science report, The Wright Show over there  at bloggingheads.tv. You probably never thought scientists could be cool and interesting and snazzy, did you? Well Lawrence Krauss [see here] sure knows how to keep a crowd tuned in. My God, (who Dr. Krauss surely wouldn't believe in) there is also news of parallel universes and pretty much a certainty that there is Gingham in other directions.
This is surely one of the most mind-blowing science conversations you will overhear this year: they talk of dark matter, dark energy, energy versus gravity and all sorts of other sciencey stuff, like atoms and electrons and how the universe could have actually been made for 'us.' The biggest question is, WHO KNEW it could be this interesting? Who knew PhD's had this much personality? Actually, we don't really care, we're just glad Lawrence Krauss decided to celebrate his appearance on the New York Times Best Sellers' List by putting on some Gingham! Thanks Lazza, see you in heaven.

More Gets from last year we couldn't squeeze into last week's HOT 100

Phillie-style Drop Shadow Gingham on the streets of Montreal.

Folks, it will soon be this hot again. Luckily for us, Gingham is hot right NOW.

Thunder Bay-style Gingham is popular with Montreal cyclists.

No point  being called a Gingham-hipster, if you don't show your hips.

Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz Got Gingham:

Another guy dressed as a skateboarder next to a stunning example of Eighth Wave Gingham.
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Today's caption "A Parallel Universe" has been sent to us by the Got Gingham crew, from the Universe parallel to us.

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