Sunday, June 2, 2013

Splitting UP the VIEW with X-ray in Gingham

K-Dubz and Colenall Funch corner X-ray in Gingham for "Splitting up the View"
June 2nd, 2013 (Montreal) SLITTING UP THE VIEW is the latest sensation in documenting Montreal Street Art. Here we see the crew interviewing X-RAY. K-Dubz and Colenall Funch kick off the first episode grilling the Floridan Street Artist at Greenlight Gallery which is becoming the defacto main switchboard for all street artists east of Chicago. Got Gingham checked things out and just in case nobody there was wearing Gingham, we made sure the host sported some Ben Sherman Renaissance action in the shape of this One-Cut Special Edition. Gabriel Lasry is the break-out film director for this early-days taste of what is sure to be an incredible career. The guy was born before Home Alone even came out, yet he has the hands of Santa Claus--you just gotta check out the camera work: see HERE.

Keep checking back for more Gingham for the best shots of the Spring.

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