Tuesday, July 5, 2011

James Joseph Shows his Vested Interest

J.J. wears his heart on his sleeve.
5th July, 2011 (Montreal) After all the Canada Day and US Thanks for Thanksgiving celebrations we wake up today to celebrate the Bicentennial of Venezuela. It's exhausting work partying like this at Got Gingham, but that's why we've brought you J.J. here to take over the show. First off, notice he's behind a desk, which means he means business. To most of us it means he's the boss. Next check out the sleeveless jumper--a look that only the most sturdy of us can pull off (see Alan's Got Gingham.) Most of all, we've gotta hand it to J.J.for the Bolivar Blue Gingham long sleeve soft collar shirt he's got going on, leaving everybody wanting more. Somehow, between the commute, the gym, his mentoring, the dealing with the adoring public and the endeavours of being a new Dad, J.J. found the time to chat about Gingham and show us this Gingham catch he sourced at Urban Jungle. "Don't worry I've got another one I'll show you. I'll bring it tomorrow.'' It'll be the easiest Got Gingham Get we'll have ever got.

Also, coming soon--GINGHAM FROM CALIFORNIA. Exclusive rare groove Gingham from a vintage shop that is not even there anymore. Right from the legit stamping ground of any urban cowboy: our highly paid model Vinnie out of Silver Lakes, LA.

Kate Moss: "Pssst... Shoulda got Gingham."
But most people want their Gingham now, so how about this shot from Matilda Carlsson. Here we see a couple of high-stakes supermodels, apparently the focus of the cameraman's attention. Not us. Check out the check-out lady who brought over their shopping. She's Got Gingham! Eighteen-times more stylish with her Ladybird Special poking out of her Green Tunic as far as we can see. 

Out here in this County, it's easy to fence hot Gingham

And since high demand for Gingham County pics continue during these lulling days of Summer, here's another shot of my Gingham Poncho to make you smile. 

Don't forget to send your Gingham Gets to gotgingham@gmail.com.

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