Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GOT GINGHAM GOT 100 hot 100

Salim is breaking it out with a Casablanca Blue Gingham Summer Shiner specially for our 100th edition.

24th January, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) This is our One Hundredth edition of Got Gingham. Therefore we're going to celebrate with ONE HUNDRED random Gingham Gets! (Click on Salim's photo to start the show).

Told you we love Toronto.

Pegasus' Got Gingham!

The Authors on remand.

Nicholas Garnier St-Aubin: Again!
Frantz in a different pose.
Laura Brynes does it again!

Rue St-Denis Montreal.

Got Gingham Street Art still there six months later.

OK, so if you figured out that there weren't quite a total of a hundred super shots there, it just means you'll be coming back all week as we continue the GOT 100 HUNDRED HOT ONE HUNDRED Got Gingham Gets to celebrate this incredible landmark in the history of Textile Intrigue. The pictures will be changing and evolving so check 'em out while they last.

 Send all your questions to gotgingham@gmail.com
Today's caption "One Hundredth Edition" was made up off the top of our heads. However, don't let our mockery mislead you, this is indeed, our one hundredth post, so raise a toast!

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