Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wish They All Could Be California Gingham...

If  you're going all the way to LA, might as well make it worth it.
Arrived here with nothing in his pocket but Gingham
As if she needed anymore convincing?
Capital of Gingham route Map--miles away from New York

6th July, 2011 (Montreal)--As promised we bring you our semi-professional model named Vinnie, straight out of Silverlake, Los Angeles. Sourced at a classic vintage shop called Kowboys, take a close look at this magnificent Malibu Blue Gingham Wonder Forty-Five Vinnie brought us. Basically this is a never-seen-before vintage masterpiece that you have to actually stand alongside live-in-the-flesh to believe. We loved it so much Vinnie let us take another shot showing the shirt's versatile beautiful-chick-magnet power.

Our thanks go out to Vinnie for generously allowing us to see what's happening on the West Coast. As is often the case, they are miles ahead of what's happening here, New York and London.

Elevator's broken so the Gingham's been running up the stairways...
Sadly I have no more Gingham County pics so instead here is my Gingham Poncho in the City. This time we see her on an iconic Montreal spiral staircase.

Those who get it send it to

Coming soon! Feature on Modasuite, Montreal's custom-fit Gingham specialists.

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