Friday, July 22, 2011


If you got the beat you need the feet that beats in time, if you've  got the gingham you got the best beat you can find.
22nd July, 2011 (Montreal)--Beats and Gingham go together like Rock and Roll. In fact, one day in the future any sort of dance music is sure to be referred to as "Beats And Gingham'' in the same way you hear two-word combinations like "Dungeons" and "Dragons,'' "Meat" and "Potatoes," "Womack" and "Womack" or even "Butter" and "Scotched." Why? Take a look at the future, right where you are now at Got Gingham, we got him before anybody: Matthew the Beatmaster in a GINGHAM SUIT! We were already so low on samples of shorts that I was going to have to buy some and give to my neighbour to wear just so I could get the bare minimum assortment for all you Gingham fans. Then I run into Matthew here, who wasn't even playing any music yet was still making people dance! That's what this Butterscotch ensemble Matt put together did to the crowd coming off the Metro today. I boogied my way through the surge to get a closer look. Folks, not everybody can do a Double-Gingham turntable manœuvre and get away with it, without lots of reverb and tone-equalization. Right here Matthew has totally stolen the show with a solid state dry mix first-take Mega Hit with total apologies to all the other models here at Got Gingham. Just means we will now all have to try harder. At least until Matthew puts the music on, at which point, I hate to say it guys, we might as well crown him our spiritual leader. Got Gingham is proud to say you heard him here first.

 Dan is warming up for his Gingham Debut!

Rebels: some people refuse to go all the way.

Proof that Got Gingham is working: our receptionist is now getting queries like "Why haven't I been included yet? I've got Gingham!" Take our Executive Vice President of Marketing and Humour: Dan. Loyally coming into the office every day, happy that everybody else is getting their fair share of the Gingham passion, but nobody noticing that somewhere in there, he's Got Gingham. Our receptionist explained that to really get Gingham, the entire pattern has to be two cross-hatches over a background, no pinstripes allowed. So here is a bit of Gingham Dan wants to show us. In a little while we're going to do a special profile on him so you'll have to make do with this for now.

It's the weekend so it's time to hit the streets. Have fun in your gingham while admiring some random shots sent in by our Gingham Getters.

"How did you get my number? Look, I can't talk now. I'm out in my Gingham."

It's a race across St-Laurent. Our money's on the Guy who's Got Gingham.

Those who got it get it, and then send it to

Boxing gave the World of Gingham the expression: TKO. Do you remember that boxing match a few weeks ago with Wladimir Klitschko? Here is a snap of him on youtoob wearing what else? Exactly. Of course he should have been awarded the victory.

In a Gingham TKO our Wild West Hero rules the world.

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