Monday, November 7, 2011


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7th November, 2011 (Montreal) Autumn is out and in full glory now that Day Light Savings Time has kicked in and the sun goes down before dinner time. Away go the shorts and the winky-dink t-shirts and time to bring on the real deal. The coming of winter in Montreal or anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line means keeping your edge while all about you fall in the muck. That's where our model Marie-Lyne comes in. You don't get to where she is today by carrying around some mamby-pamby sit-on-the-fence attitude. Seeing Marie-Lyne you know she lives and breathes the words freedom and control which is the magic combination seekers the world over have troubled themselves with down the ages. Not Marie-Lyne. She proves it in this dazzling NYC-Style Gingham Autumn Whiplasher she must have stolen from Off the Hook, that famous boutique on Ste-Catherine Street [see here]. We use the word stolen here because no matter what she paid to our friend Angelo and the gang, it wasn't enough. Thanks Marie-Lyne, you are well and truly OTH.

This time four years ago: Rockabilly Baby

Fred Perry is keeping the Gingham zipped shut [see here].

Montreal Fashionights Got Gingham All Over!

Fashionights have great street shots with lots of Hot Dogs and Gingham Poutine [see here].

If Hot Dogs Ain't Your Thing Tumblrs Got Hot Red Gingham With Hot Red Lips

 "Loose Gingham, sinks ships, so come aboard for a pleasure trip."--Brian Johnson, AC/DC, 1982.  

More of "This Time Four Years Ago" this time from Pregnant Goldfish

Sorry Waldo, but Gingham beats stripes every time [see here].

Waiting on the a bench for more Gingham in Montreal

Don't worry, Gingham is like the bus service, there'll be a whole bunch coming along in a minute.
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