Friday, November 4, 2011

Got Gingham to Rob Like Thief in the Night

Like just about everybody else in Williamsburg, Rob left Miami to broaden his Gingham collection.
4th November, 2011 (Montreal) New York City is the last place you'd think anybody would be celebrating Guy Fawkes, and so it was with us and that's why we went there. Meet Rob. He doesn't care about Guy Fawkes or remembering anything about the Fifth of November or some kinda plot to overthrow the King of Scotland or some such bumpf. All Rob wants is to forget. That's right, forget the pain, forgive all our past disses, and allow for renewal so that history doesn't repeat. That's why he moved from Miami to NYC. One thing about patterns, we see them play out again and again just with different players each time. Edsel Ford's dad once claimed history to be bunk, and yet here we see Rob in a Fairweather All-Intents-and-Purposes Off-Green Gingham Longsleever rolled up just enough to show you he's got game even when he's relaxing. While the rest of the world is carrying around grudges and gripes and moaning about their wardrobe, Rob here is just taking things as they come, in a pattern that has never repeated itself in the annals of history, or played itself out again in the streets or on the runways because it never actually, went away: Gingham. Freeze yourself in time and all of a sudden motion and distance seem meaningless.

Tokyo Street Scene from Omiru Style For All

Can you believe this is six years ago? Always ahead of the game in Tokyo [see here].

 Girls' Got Gingham!
From the defunct blog pocketseedlibrary, somebody's gotta grab hold of Erin and Lily to thank them.

Montreal Street Scenes

Lily and Erin have counterparts in Montreal...

The Kids Know Everything that's Going On

If he's not careful, he's gonna peak in High School.
This kid is going to wake up in ten years time and see somebody in Gingham and have a flashback and realize this day was one of his best days ever, cruising the streets without a care in the world in his Gingham, not realizing it's the Gingham that's coating the occasion, not realizing being outdoors with friends, smelling food in the air and the future possibilities for love and affection and the knowledge there's no school till Monday are all part of the quintessential Gingham Experience.

Got any Gingham? Send it to

"You usually just let your friends steal my pic for the sake of Gingham?"
How about this one fiendishly sent by Jason Botkin with famous artist Tyson Bodnarchuk at the Museum of Fine Arts last evening celebrating En Masse [see here]?

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