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Plaid Forever? Gingham makes a sneaky appearance off Broadway.
15th January, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Actor Joe Cummings and music composer Josh Johnson are the guys behind the NYC-based comedy troupe "Plaid Forever" [see here]. Obviously inspired by the likes of Got Gingham and Got Houndstooth and the proliferation of other such sites that pay homage to the great textile patterns of the world, these guys figure it's about time Plaid got it's day in the sun. And what a great way to put Plaid back in the spotlight with this vid and rap extolling the virtues of said textile pattern [see here].
Gingham from far, but far from Gingham.
We have to applaud the efforts these lads are putting into making sure Plaid is on the map, but we would be remiss in our duty if we were to let this slide without pointing out how they've also Got Gingham. Deal is, Gingham is in essence the most basic blues-riff that can be weaved using two separate colours. This makes Gingham a type of Plaid. However, not all Plaid is Gingham. In fact only Gingham can be called Plaid but not vice versa. Confused? Gingham is also a type of Check but not all Check is Gingham. Only Gingham can be Gingham. And like Plaid, it also forever.

*Thanks to our Boston Correspondent Daniel Lopes [see here] for his keen eye in spotting this marvel of video comedy.

Cafe Blanc de Blanc's Got Gingham
Tech-savvy workaholics know how to take care of their laptops.

Blanc de Blanc in Montreal has been doing a double trade as a launderette and cafe for many years now. What people don't know is it is also where you can find some of the rarest Gingham going. This gent refused to tell us where he got his well-fit Gingham Laptop Sleeve. That's the thing with Gingham, not everybody wants you to know their source.

Gingham is for Toys on Blvd St-Laurent

Get your kids indoctrinated early: Pink Gingham is for Girls.

Foodies on Rue Rachel, Montreal in race to find most authentic winter cuisine:
Gingham-clad epicureans know how to spot a winner.

North, My Love: There's Gingham there

"Oooh, listen to the Aussie-Style Gingham."
Not too long ago Got Gingham was on hand to watch the musical group North, My Love [see here] perform to an all-ages audience in the Mile-End district of Montreal. Make no mistake, this all-female group have the power to seduce you. Not only that, their fans' Got Gingham.

Dear Readers, this is an actor, not a real Gingham Getter.
 UPDATE (16 Jan, 2012): Tired of pretentious people who think they know everything about everything? Check out these insufferable Foodies being measured for their ACI. Don't know what ACI is? Calvin Trillin over at Slate explains [see here].

Today's caption "A Textile Rivalry" is brought to us in collaboration with various NYC street gangs and the Smithsonian Institute.

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