Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seagram's and Seven--There is No 'F' in Gingham

Swept off into the Gingham Triangle
7th July, 2011 (Montreal)--The Great Gingham Drought of '85 lasted three and a half years but didn't fully clear up until Grunge was in full-swing in the Nineties. Most people take it for granted during these days of Eighth Wave Gingham (the latest upswing of Gingham availability dating back to the Voyages of Discovery and beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.) So let me remind you of what it was like when there was just no Gingham to be found. Deluxe Vintage Shops didn't really exist back then, the ones that would charge you more than five dollars for a second-hand shirt. You had to scour the Church Sales like you were some kind of Julia Childs of the textile world. Take today for instance--all my current Gingham Gets pics fit better for later in the month and it's our Month-iversary here at Got Gingham and we didn't have anything special. So I went out and bought something. Lay your eyes on this Red Cross Red with epaulettes of 2-inch Flannel I scored from a Friperie I cannot name unless you want us to run out of Gingham again. Ok, it's Flannel but it's the pattern of the weave that makes it a licensed Get. The T-shirt came from upon the island I grew up.

Even Sooty Colliers Can join the Gingham Club
In other patterns of observation, Toronto Jewellery queen-pin Shannon Hazell let me share this with you. Thanks go to the craft work by Kovalum who are doing terrific things with Gingham. Here they show the Club Collar is truly back around. Remember folks--there will be another drought, so get prepared. Tomorrow I will bring you pictures of the last scare.

We all dream of idling at the wheel, in the Death Cab For Gingham

Finally, here is a candid Cabbie sent in to our inbox.

 This just in from our financial advisory contributor:
The Gingham Industrial Index is at a all time high, but do not sell. These are not fungible items. Hold on to what you got, if it's Gingham.

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