Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daniel Lopes Shorts out in Boston-Style Gingham

People from Boston tend to look down on us in Montreal, but if they've Got Gingham we see their point.

14th August, 2011 (Montreal) Boston and Montreal have had an intense rivalry since McGill and Harvard first invented American Football together at the same time during the same game with each having taken the credit, which has since spilled over into Hockey and now Street Fashion. To show where we're at in the contest, here is our friend Daniel Lopes who speaks English with a Southie Dialect to make you run for cover in fright. Luckily for us, Daniel also speaks French and Spanish and as such, acts as the perfect liaison between rival factions. In fact, you could call Daniel a bridge over troubled waters. Now, if you're going to work as this parlaying person of influence, you gotta do it with a convincing look. What better way than with a pair of Boston-Style Gingham shorts that you can only get in off the Cape? Here is Daniel showing that not only is he a brilliant ambassador, he is also a style icon amongst the doers-and-watchers on Interstate 93 and Logan Airport. Whenever it comes to talking about the Big Dig, at Got Gingham here it can only mean reference to our friend Daniel Lopes and the way he can smooth over the cracks of any scratchy conversation with his witty put-downs and glancing asides. He does an enormous service to the Gingham Nation and we must take this time out to thank him.

Chicago Bound

"Listen, I'm the Guy in Gingham, you play what i tell you to play."
Exact same guy very next day: in Gingham.
Meanwhile, Got Gingham is on it's way to the Midwest to bring you Chicago-Style Gingham. For the next week you will make do with these random shots sent in by our Gingham Getters who were at the Under Pressure Grafitti Festival (click here) in Montreal this weekend.
The guy in Gingham is watching them kissin'.

There's no pressure to look good when you've Got Gingham.

Gingham bags for carrying Gingham.
Gingham and Graffiti have been family pastimes for generations.
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