Friday, April 27, 2012

En Masse and CUL-DE-SAC lead the way in Gingham Street Styles

It is not the end of the's a reservoir of Gingham.

27th April, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) Got Gingham has been taking time out to get you more street action. How about this shot on Boulevard St-Laurent in the Friperie District? Cul-de-Sac is one of four shops in a row that sell vintage threads to the discerning masses on The Main [see here]. Vintage this, vintage that... all very good as long as you Got Gingham.

Robby's Got Gingham at Salon En Masse:
Robby is told to move in front of certain pics to make them look better.
 Meet Robby. He was at galerie Pangée for the Salon En Masse [see more] where he was supporting peers and colleagues by sporting his best Gingham. Thanks Robby, you've made an incredible contribution to the world of art.

More from Salon En Masse:

If you're going to stand behind Chris Dyer, sneak up in Gingham
Michel always wears his Gingham to En Masse events.

If you're going to check out a Frédéric Chabot, do it in Gingham.

Woman-about-town Talibah is there just for the Gingham. Looks like she's found what she came for.

Control Experiment: here's what it all looks like without Gingham, or "Chris Dyer Naked", what ever gets us more hits.

Tyler's GOT GINGHAM for Montréalité Mural pose!
Tyler sports his Gingham in front of the new mural going up at Montréalité [see here] by the Stadium Art Movement.

Today's caption "Now Elevated to Art Gallery Status" was brought to you by En Masse, the city of Montreal's urban arts collective.

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