Monday, April 2, 2012

Salvatore Rules Rue Ste-Catherine In His Gingham

Salvatore is trying to quit smoking, but his job is just too easy. As for quitting Gingham? Not that simple.

"Hey, check out Salvatore over there!"
2nd April, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) Rue Ste-Catherine in Montreal is one of the more famous streets in the world [see more]. That's where we met our friend here Salvatore, which means he is one of the more famous Salvatore's in the world. Taking a break from his job of simply having to duck watching the Gingham fly off the racks at Zara [see more], Salvatore wanted to say hello to all you springtime Gingham Getters getting ready for the sunshine. Very few can carry off this look of Gingham shirt and tie, but on St-Catherine Street, anything goes. We soon spotted a crowd of guys heading after Salvatore and trying to adopt his 'look.' Can't blame them. Want to, but can't. They've Got Gingham.

Another Amazing Source of Gingham:

Justice Pirate is one Gingham Dreamscape after another [see more].

Baby, You Can Drive My Car:

Thank our man "Ray:)" over at Pbase for this sweetie pie. No wonder this Beetle is smilin' --it's Got Gingham.

More Gingham in the Springtime:

Sometimes staring down at a spot on the pavement requires a bit of stylish embellishment.

Shouldering the blame for the Gingham proliferation.

Gingham is on the hood.

Chilenita's in Montreal is packed with Gingham and empanadas.

Students on St-Laurent back when there was snow... and Gingham

Gingham outside Patati Patata in the Rachel Foodie District.

More Gingham with Talibah in the Foodie District, this time at Romados.

Further down Rue Rachel: Cafe Neve is a hotbed of Gingham.
Trade Secret #46...How do we get these shots? Talibah pretends to strike a pose...

Another Hoodie in the Gingham Hood. This time it's the Mile-End Crucial Crew.

Another meeting of the Crucial Crew at the Nouveau Palais around the corner.
Jenny Kang shown at All The Pretty Birds, a source of an enormous amount of Gingham [see more].


This just in:

Old Believer's Brendan Birkett [see more] warming up for his April 9th show at Casa del Popolo [see more].
Old Believer? When it comes to Gingham we're called Brainwashed Cult-members.
Skeptics disperse when a close-up view reveals the REAL THING. Now they believe in Gingham.

Got any Gingham? Going to the show on April 9th? Send it to

Today's caption: "Who said that?" is brought to you by all of those people who make us paranoid.

* Asterisk's have no meaning at Got Gingham.

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