Friday, July 27, 2012

Every Day is Get Outa the Doghouse Free Day

Every dog deserves their day in the Gingham sun.

27th July, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) We're in the dog days of summer and nobody in the office wants to write. They all want to bunk off to the shore or hit the outside drinking locales. International Get out of the Doghouse Free Day was actually last week (an invention of the Chicago media during a season of slow news) so you might well have missed it. The great thing about this particular day of celebration is that it is kind of like all other public holidays--if you didn't take it at the time, you can carry it forward in lieu. So if you didn't use your Get out of the Doghouse Free card yet, you can save it for the exact moment you might need it. It's a one-time-only thing, this saving it in-lieu. Next year, you have to do your dodgy doggie business on the actual day in question: 20th July, so plan your shenanigans accordingly.

Gingham is a Rock-n-Roll Standard.
Our photog. was given 2 chances per set to take a shot and this the best we got. But least it's Got Gingham.

Hats off to another great performance.
The Rock Camp for Girls concept is spreading from city to city. Just about any major metropolitan area has one. While we wait for pics from Portland and Vancouver, last weekend we were on hand in Montreal for the RCFG [please check this out] at the Ukrainian Federation in the Mile-End. 

The idea is to give girls the chance to rock out and reach up. Six groups of girls aged seven to seventeen spend a week handcrafting a song and at the end of it we get this extravaganza of spirit and talent that is sure to reverberate for many evenings to come.  Raw, courageous and ready to roll.
Sure the crowd certainly comprised the already-converted... but we went as total neutrals. What we witnessed is nothing short of a phenomenon. RCFG creates an energy that is so infectious, so uplifting to the observer, it was impossible to resist joining the rest of the crowd's standing ovation after each group performed their song.
This is no hyperbole. You cannot, ever deny the roar of the crowd.

After the show the Gingham shows.

Stand-up Comic John Selig Caught in Rachel Foodie District Just for a Laugh
Comedy is all about routine. To prove this, Special Guest John Selig being the stand-up guy that he is, makes it look like riding a bike.

 More Epicerie Segals Action:

Returning to the scene of last week's Grand Theft Gingham, this time we join the Club Supreme.

Hungarian Grocer tired of puns using the name of their country to describe people with empty stomachs
(c/o Charcuterie Hongroise)

When waiting to order at the counter, be patient and don't be a Magyarlomaniac.


Pussy Riot are on trial for “The flagrant violation of public order expressed by a clear disrespect for society” [see here]. What? Come on, they Got Gingham. Surely they'll Get OFF.

That's it for this week.

Got any Gingham? Send it to

Today's caption "Now Seven Years Older in Dog Years" is taken from a dream Dan Savage shared with his seat companion, overheard during a trans-oceanic flight some time in the late eighties.

Attention Gingham Getters: We will be away for the next two weeks for the Chicago International Gingham Festival. Please keep checking in for more updates.

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