Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got Gingham's on board with Board of Ed.'s Gingham

When the Dean of the Engineering faculty gives you that look, your only response is to put on some Gingham.

10th April, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) University conferences can be pretty jam-packed affairs, with whole bunches of academics scurrying around making all these feature presentations and networking so they can each put the other in their next set of footnotes in some prestigious journal out there. That was the case last month at McGill when yet another conference rolled through town, this time for the EGSS [see here]. This time delegates were treated to a good ol' knees-up at Thomson House where the up-and-coming band Board of Ed. gave it to them large. With a pun like that for a name no way were we going to let go of using the same pun in our headline. Talking about puns, take a look at their guitarist--Rodney. Yes, he's got a Ph.D or something like that just like the rest of the band, but it's NBD, as they say in the marble halls of Academe. Ok, yes he punches higher than his weight when it comes to playing guitar, and sure... he has to kick groupies out of his office while he's trying to mark some more papers... but the real reason everybody is here today is because the Board of Ed.'s got some of the most severely under-rated singers in the country, and it's musicians' Got Gingham.

Nelson's Got Gingham!

With this kind of Gingham she's just put us in a half-Nelson.
Meet Nelson. She only wanted us to use her last name, and because she is a celebrated person in these parts, we could only show a portion of her lovely face. Oh, yeah. The only reason she let us take this pic was because we told her it was an art project and that we aren't raking in tons of cash exploiting her image. So in essence, my message to all you Gingham Getters, please stop sending me all your cash, this is an art project.

Boulevard St-Laurent is awash in springtime Gingham:

Who walks her bike for her? The Urban Super Hero in Gingham.

Big Gingham for Big Thing'em.

Outside Just for Laughs this one just for Gingham.

Multi-hatch Gingham proves he's an expert.

Gingham keeps the walls from falling down.


Cupcake culture is going back to it's roots.
Violet Gingham is the hallmark of the Eighth Wave.

Scandale on St-Laurent needs help selling its classic Gingham:

Vendeuse demandée? [see here]
More like Gingham demandée if you were to ask us.

Yossi on St-Laurent is also getting busy:

The pride of Montreal's Little Italy.

Ten minutes later they'd drawn down the blinds: Yossi take care of their wares.

Making a case for Gingham [see here].


"Yuri, table seven wants to take a look at you again. Just go out there and say hi, could you?"
"Ok, forget about the food, just stand near the counter and attract customers."
 Here's Yuri. He works down at Cafe Neve, keeping this country running by giving the patrons what they want: a warm smile, a decent cup of cawfee and some prime Eighth Wave Gingham with which to soak it all down. He'd even let you mop it up with it.


"Once I leave NYC, I'm heading to  Café Névé in Montreal" [see here].


Gingham Suits and "Who are you's-so pleased to meet you..."
With the MLS all the rage right now and the Mile-End Crucial Crew fan group in Montreal having adopted Gingham as their uniform it's great to see a new member of their gang: Posh Spice is seen here at the Airport ready to christen her son a fan of the mighty Montreal Impact. It seems Harper left his curiosity in New York.

Today's caption "Pun intended" is brought to you by all those lazy writers who have no right to say "Please forgive the pun" otherwise they would have edited out the pun in the first place.

Got Gingham? Send it to gotgingham@gmail.com

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