Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All that Glitters is Not Goldie, It's Gingham too. 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival Update.

Smooth Oprah-rater, Goldie's tellin' us the way it is in Gingham Junction Chicago.
Baby you can drive my car, but not my Gingham.
23rd August, 2011 (Montreal)--The Chicago Gingham Festival hit the peak on Millwallkee Avenue Friday last as more and more people got wind of the affair. People have come from the world over to participate. Have a butchers at our mate Goldie here, all the way from Epping, East London in this classic Basildon Blue Fine Hatch FRED PERRY Original All-Niter. Goldie was a wealth of Gingham folklore as he held court outside the Double Door in Wicker Park, guiding us through the subtleties of Gingham only a Hammer from the East End would know. Goldie is the perfect spokesman for Gingham, and the perfect spokesman for Chicago. "I love this city. The only drag has been having to wait eighteen years for this Festival. Finally the world is coming to grips with the Chicago School." To see the man work the crowd and hustle the Gingham Gospel made me think of Jesse Jackson, or what's her name? Or I don't know, that other guy from here who just made big in D.C. So raise an eyebrow to Goldie, who comes from the East End. No matter how great Chicago is compared to London, it'll never have an East End. That's too bad. But to more than make up for this, it's most assuredly Got Gingham now. And even better for it, Chicago's Got Goldie.

English Gingham, American calves.
Dissertations in Gingham at Northwestern.

There is among certain street types the attitude of "Hey, we just came here to hang out in our Gingham, not become rock stars." In almost all cases they were brainiacs who knew more about Gingham than any of us. Of course they're not going to show their face. These are academics that have reputations to uphold. They can't be caught using slang and making pronouncements that might be misconstrued and then ruin their chances of funding. But they all have cool shoes. Street Style fact: nobody minds having their shoes shown to the world. Once we convince them to show us their shoes they no longer mind if it catches some of their Gingham. Trust me, there is a fortune in Gingham here, these people are private collectors and so it is quite understandable they'd hold back a bit. We're going to turn these guys into a regular feature: Stompin' on the Gingham Nation.

Gingham stops traffic from up here.

Detours do not deter the Gingham faithful.
And here are some more Street Style Gets of those on their way to the event.
Some were in a rush to get into the thick of things while others preferred to contemplate the intricacies of the Chicago School.
                                          Of Gingham.....

Tomorrow: The French Connection to The Gingham City and more from the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival. Send your Gingham Gets to gotgingham@gmail.com

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