Monday, June 20, 2011

Got Any Colombian in You?

Telecommunications? Let's make deal; Got Gingham? Non-negotiable!
20th June, 2011 (Montreal)--Enough street scenes, today's Got Gingham Getters are in the workplace, just to prove to you we meet  people with jobs. Here is Elkin, who works as a major negotiator in the Telecommunications field, taking a break from teasing his clients with his Colombian sense of humour, to show off this Green Gingham Masterpiece. I asked Elkin, what kind of Colombian name is Elkin? And he responds, "Look, I'm a very busy man, I thought you wanted to ask me about Gingham." So the best I can tell you is this great catch is STILL ON THE MARKET (the shirt, not Elkin) available only in Quebec at Simons. Otherwise you'll have to catch it online. For those of you reading this as part of your cultural studies/textile theory dissertation five years after this post, too bad.
That's me standing next to Martin Luther Gingham--our diagonal sash look is very trendy here in Montreal
Meanwhile, more workers are UNITING under the Gingham Flag. Here is Luther, who kindly asked to keep his face out of the frame, because he says, he's actually a PRINCE OF WALES CHECK kinda-guy and doesn't want to upset his loyal friends in that camp. No problem! Got Gingham has had a long running peace accord with the folks in the Prince of Wales Check Brigade so this is an honour that Luther would fly our standard, just for the day. Point is, for today, LUTHER'S GOT GINGHAM!

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  1. I want to touch Elkin's fabric, all night...