Saturday, July 21, 2012

SkRILLEX and Grimes Got Gingham.

So you drink and you dance and you Got Gingham Canada!
21st July, Twenty Twelve (Montreal) The phenom electro artist from LA Skrillex breezed through town last week as part of a massive festival devoted to dancing like maniacs. Got Gingham was there courtesy of DJ Villify and Greenlight Media, hoping to hang out with hometown darling Grimes and apologize for that time we stepped on her toe outside the Greyhound Bus Stop in Kamloops, but also watching out for anybody who's Got Gingham. Here is Simon after his first dose of Koan Sound. We couldn't take a picture of this guy once Skrillex began... Simon was, let's just say, all over the place. In case you like the blurry look, here's our best shot, during the Grimes set-up.


If you've Got Gingham  you don't have to rely on your partner as a form of weather protection.

Some fans go by van, others go with no more than a backpack. The more discerning go with Gingham.

All sorts of deals are to be had with Gingham. Here's a broker ready to serve you.

Aussie-style Gingham is appearing more and more on the Streets of Montreal.

Life is never an obstacle course when you've Got Gingham and about to fall under a bus.

People are queuing up to join this guy's crew. NYC-style Gingham leads the way...

Gingham Getters tend to be more intellectual, taking any opportunity to catch up on world events and bargains at the Dollar Store.

Gingham Junction in the Foodie District, corner of Rachel and St-Laurent.

$10 Midi Express and this guy's taking a pass... Can't say we blame the man. They should be paying him, he's the one who's Got Gingham.

Easy Street. Well, every corner is Easy Street when you've Got Gingham.

Doublin' up on the Gingham. This guy has obviously been following Got Gingham.

Stevie V. from the band Sweet Mother Logic, waiting for their gig with Malajube... in Gingham.

More Skrillex fans in their shady Gingham Sunday Specials.

This is some serious Philly-style Drop-shadow Two-Tone Cortina action, at Skrillex.

Another Skrillex fan allows us to take something home with us.

The Skrillex logo next to the Gingham backpack elevates it to World Class Superstar Status.

In case you don't know what Grimes fans look like, what more do you need to know? They Got Gingham.

Épicerie Segal's Got Gingham! 

Careful, just coz she smiling at you, prolly only means she likes your Gingham.
We asked this guy's Significant Other if it would be OK to steal this shot of his Cowabunga-style Bermuda Gingham shorts. She totally OK'd us and now the secret is out--everybody knows the most beautiful people are to be found at this bustling grocers directly opposite from the headquarters of Got Gingham and The Stadium Art Movement on Blvd St-Laurent. Erm, we mean--the most economical prices are to be found at this bustling grocers directly opposite from the headquarters of Got Gingham and The Stadium Art Movement on Blvd. St-Laurent.

Come back next week when we feature Montreal's Band Camp for Girls.


 Anne Hathaway in Gingham brought to us by that refined arbiter of truth and analysis, The Daily Mail UK:

Taken 15th of July this year, Anne proving Gingham still hath's what it takes to get away with it.

Got any more Gingham? Send it to 

Today's caption: "Don't go home without it" is brought to us by the International Sisterhood of Good Taste in All Things, or their umbrella group, or OK OK,  actually one of their splinter factions.

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